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About This Event

The inaugural Digital Pharma Canada conference brings together the world’s top pharmaceutical marketing experts to analyze global industry perceptions and pain points and bring solutions to your challenges in interactive and practical sessions.

The agenda is structured specifically to meet the varying needs and requirements for practitioners working across the breadth of brand marketing and technical support functions in Canadian organizations. We look forward to engaging you in high-level discussions, providing educational insights, and offering unparalleled networking opportunities across 2 days this spring.

Why Now?

The digital marketing environment in Canada is rapidly growing in maturity; solidified by the ever-increasing requests for approval and guidance on digital initiatives received by regulators. With impending guidelines and acceleration seen in digital business plans; there has never been a stronger impetus to ensure that your teams are on pace with the multitude of solutions and technologies available to deliver higher ROI on your eMarketing initiatives.

The event has been researched with Canadian pharma marketing teams and is designed specifically for you. And what you want is clear: A specialized opportunity for innovative sharing and networking that enables technical and strategy roll out on a practical basis through peer-to-peer contact that will better equip regional marketing teams.

What will you learn?

The 2013 Conference is specifically designed to provide you solutions to the following challenges and industry questions specific to the Canadian marketplace:

  • Analyze what Canadian pharma can do more of in the digital marketing space; both with local restrictions and taking into account global trends
  • Whether we need international guidelines for digital marketing in pharma
  • Gain regulatory insight into what has been approved in Canadian marketing teams: regulatory working with brand teams

By attending, you can overcome the challenges listed above through the following topics:

  • Patient (advertising) material vs. consumer material. Profiling pharma who are trying to market to patients
  • Solutions for website control: gating, access control and password technologies available
  • Profiling of new regulations governing transition of web communications to online environment
  • Analyze the importance of new legislation on social media. Understand how to comply with new regulations and find out the best way to integrate this into new strategy and marketing initiatives
  • Cross border impacts of DTC
  • High-level view of what is happening in the US vs. what is happening in Canada. Where are the opportunities for Canada and what can we learn from each other?
  • Gain early internal approval from legal/MLR to accelerate deployment of innovative initiatives/platforms
  • Analyze whether pharma marketing will become multi-channel marketing at a base level in future
  • Develop effective tools, change management and identification of alterations/channels that result in a modification of patient behavior and compliance
  • Examine how to effectively measure the ROI of MCM and covey this to senior management: what to look for, metrics, suites of tools
  • Decipher how to operate with a multimedia mix - how pharma can work with the full range, not just social media
  • Profile interaction with patient groups with innovative tools and strategies used to better deliver messages to physicians
  • Examine social listening – listening to professional and patient conversations: Organizational strategy for leveraging feedback received from consumers and physicians from multiple channels
  • Evaluate technologies developed to communicate B2B with stakeholders and how you can better integrate within business plans

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