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THE DIGITAL FUTURE DAY | Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Registration and Morning Coffee for The Digital Future Day Participants
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Michael Gianelli, Director, Health Practice, ACQUIA
Case Study Digital — A Perfect Cross-Functional Partnership
Carmine Attanasio, Senior Product Manager, Digital Myeloma Marketing, CELGENE
Delivering the Vanguard of Pharma Social Marketing

In this case study, learn how a pharma marketing team is responding to changing patient expectations by delivering cutting-edge engagement strategies to build trust and loyalty. Get a behind the curtain look at how marketers at the brand overcame hurdles, aligned business objectives with social media programs designed for increased connections and conversations.

Dawn Lacallade, Chief of Social Strategy, Vice President of Account Services, LIVEWORLD
How Boehringer Ingelheim’s RespiPoints Digital Support Program Delivered Adherence Results

Boehringer Ingelheim first launched its RespiPoints digital patient engagement program built on the HealthPrize platform in 2016. Based on positive results from the program’s 9-month pilot with one product, the company has expanded RespiPoints to patients prescribed one of several selected Boehringer Ingelheim respiratory products. In this presentation, Boehringer Ingelheim’s Jason Marshall and HealthPrize’s Tom Kottler present some of the results from the original pilot program, how RespiPoints works to improve patient adherence, and some surprising insights gathered from this innovative approach to patient engagement.

Jason Marshall, Senior Associate Director, Marketing, Boehringer Ingelheim
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Case Study Unpacking Customer Experience in Pharma

Healthcare companies are using technology to engage patients, providers, and payers across the entire product lifecycle. Before our brands can accomplish their business goals, our customers need to be able to accomplish theirs. User experience and user-centric design are critical. So how do we harness the transformative power of digital technology to provide customer-centric digital experiences that drive value for our patients and our brands? We will discuss Customer Engagement — what it is, why it matters and how to map the impact to business imperatives.

Tracy Yedlin, Social, Mobile, Innovation Team Lead, Customer Engagement and Marketing Innovation Team, TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS
Health Authenticity Is the New Health Literacy

The concept of health is evolving. It's no longer just about being accessible and approachable, its got to be real. HEALTH LITERACY to AUTHENTICITY to ACTIVATION.

Dante Gaudio, Senior Vice President, Sales, HEALTHLINE MEDIA
Case Study Implementing Phase I of GDPR Requirements in Line With Business Transformation and Goals
  • Balancing your governance team requirements and IT’s accountabilities
  • Bringing efficiencies to the process
Jessica Pfennig, Director, Global Digital Governance, ASTRAZENECA, USA
Collaboration at the Point of Care

Solving Healthcare Delivery Issues at the Point of Care Takes a Team Outcome Health will showcase a current collaboration focused on changing treatment patterns and delivering measurable outcomes at the point of care nationwide. Learn about:

  • Building effective partnerships
  • Activating treatment guidelines at the moment of care
  • Engaging multiple audiences including providers, patients, caregivers
  • Multilingual digital education best practices
Judy Klein, President, UNITY CONSORTIUM
Denis Leary, Vice President, UNIVISION
Nancy Phelan, SVP, Life Sciences, Commercial Growth, OUTCOME HEALTH
Networking Lunch for The Digital Future Day Participants
People-Based Engagements for Healthcare
  • As we become more addicted to multiple mobile devices, a cross-device marketing strategy becomes harder and harder to ignore. But is cross-device still the ultimate goal of mobile marketing?
  • Personalized and modern approach to marketing should be based on people. How do you define a person in a way that create value for customers and your brand?
  • What do you do next when you have good the segments and targets? What is the different between a lead and a person? How do we treat the two differently?
Uteng Cheang, Mobile Innovation Leader, Customer Experience and Innovation, ASTRAZENECA
Digital Difference: How One Pharma Company Is Leveraging Real-World Insights to Improve Outcomes

Join Medisafe for a deep dive into the power of real-world, real-time, dose-level data. This presentation will discuss:

  • The evolution of the adherence landscape through a data-driven lens
  • The creation of the leading medication management platform to support patients across the healthcare spectrum
  • How to close the claims information gap with real-world, real-time data
  • Methods for working within existing Pharma structures to engage patients successfully
  • Insights on how one top Pharma company took advantage of real-world, real-time data to identify opportunities to improve patient outcomes
Keynote Rule No. 1 for Medical Technology: Stay Out of the Doctor’s Way

Tech companies are applying the awesome power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the intractable problem of human illness.

Our industry is identifying medical conditions that have persisted despite all efforts to eradicate them, using technology to analyze the most effective methods for treating them, arming the patient with an app that delivers personalized care and advice.

But too much technology strays into confusion with the one asset in the healthcare system that we know works: the clinical judgment of a skilled physician.

Adherence is an area where we need better solutions.

Arik Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, ADHERIUM
Mobilizing Patient Engagement: The Power of Mobile, Data, and Intelligent Messaging to Engage at the Point of Care and Beyond

Mobile has already proven itself as a legitimate way to drive awareness – including for branded medications. It also represents a logical approach for engaging people further downstream in their relationship with a brand to drive adherence to a branded therapy.

But it’s not just about the medium – to be effective, mobile campaigns must be deployed intelligently and responsibly through a rich mix of proprietary and third-party data; rigorous measurement methodologies; and a dedication to data privacy.

Learn how our approach to driving awareness and adherence through distinct yet complementary areas of our mobile business has the power to engage consumer and HCP audiences to drive lift and loyalty.

Pharma Keynote Creating Connectivity to Facilitate Better Outcomes in Female Sexual Health

Sexual health can be uncomfortable for women to talk about—whether it be with her partner, friends or even her healthcare provider, which can lead to women not seeking treatment and/or her symptoms not being addressed. The need for online communities for women to share stories and experiences in order to help facilitate difficult conversations and advocate for their health is increasing. Attend this session if you’re interested in learning how digital communities can foster open dialogue on challenging topics to elicit change and improve outcomes.

Meghan Rivera, Vice President, Digital Marketing/Engagement, AMAG PHARMACEUTICALS
Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break
Four Keys to Delivering Personalized, Trusted Digital Experiences to Doctors, Patients and Consumers

Today’s healthcare customers demand trusted and relevant digital experiences. Join this session to discover how an effective and centralized solution for managing customer data can help you:

  • Engage with doctors, patients and consumers in a consistent, convenient and data privacy-compliant way, to build trust with your audience and drive brand loyalty
  • Unlock the power of the unified customer profile to balance privacy with personalized experiences, while honoring consumers’ preferences across devices and channels – essential for addressing the requirements of the EU’s GDPR and other data privacy regulations
  • Reduce time-to-market for digital transformation initiatives that enable you to deliver timely and relevant content at scale to doctors and consumers
  • Ensure downstream applications and services stay synchronized by creating an accurate, single source of truth across the business for healthcare customers
John Hight, SAP Customer Data Cloud, SAP Customer Data Cloud
Panel Discussion Can Versus Can’t: Opposing Viewpoints on Leveraging Social Media for Effective Communication

In this session, we will explore real world examples of the effective use of social media, from listening and monitoring, to moderation, to what went right and where we have fallen short (but picked ourselves up again).


Zoe Dunn, Principal, HALE ADVISORS


Jessica Caron, U.S. Digital Strategy Lead, VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS
Pete Dannenfelser, Associate Vice President Communications and Digital Innovation, FERRING PHARMACEUTICALS
Howard Dorfman, Consultant, GENENTECH

AI: What Are We Learning Outside of Pharma?

In today’s digital world, patients are not just patients – they are first and foremost consumers. In order to meet the digital demands of this new empowered patient, Pharma marketing must evolve from a one-size fits all marketing approach to a marketing to one approach that focuses on the patient. In order to do this effectively, Marketers need to leverage AI and emerging technologies to learn and predict how a patient would like to interact with your brand.

But, in an industry where this type of marketing is still new, it is important that Pharma looks outside the industry to learn how other industries are succeeding. In this session, we will look at examples from Retail, Consumer Products, and Pharma Manufacturers harnessing the power of AI to better their brand. Our Life Sciences experts will dissect these examples to help you better understand how they can be applied to your marketing strategy.

Ajay Mohan, Principal, Fraud Insights and Data, CAPGEMINI
Olivier Zitoun, Partner, CAPGEMINI
Case Study Pfizer Shazam Case Study Overview
  • Challenge: A Pfizer brand was looking to increase patient awareness and understanding of their MOA by driving deeper and longer brand interaction.
  • Strategy: Incorporate visual recognition into promotional assets (e.g. Branded Patient Brochures) in order to increase engagement by “bringing the story to life”
  • Execution: Shazam is an audio/visual identification platform, founded in 2000, which originally focused on audio recognition. In 2015, Shazam launched augmented reality/visual recognition, which led to more engaging, interactive customer experiences. The brand selected Shazam as AR vendor due to technical capabilities and 260MM install base that aligned with their target audience
  • Results: The brand worked with Shazam and the Pfizer Digital Review Team to develop an interactive mobile experience for their patients and caregivers.
Alexandra McMenomy, Director, Patient Marketing, PFIZER, INC.
The Digital Future Day Networking Cocktail Reception

If you are interested in hosting this cocktail reception, please contact Jayson Mercado or or 212-400-6236.

PLENARY SESSIONS | CONFERENCE DAY ONE | Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Registration Opens, Continental Breakfast and Morning Coffee in Exhibition Hall
Co-Chairs' Opening Remarks
Welcome to the 12th Digital Pharma East
Danielle Halstrom, Vice President and Head, R&D and Commercial Communications, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Officer, WPP HEALTH & WELLNESS
Pharma Keynote Fast Learning, Experimentation and the Role of Failure
Daniel Seewald, Worldwide Innovation Leader, Senior Director, PFIZER, INC.
Keynote Developing an Overarching Strategy That Modernizes Your Healthcare Business Model and Positions It for Future Success
  • Assess how customer centricity is viewed across departments
  • Understand your patients
  • Align your various departments and create incentives for them to work together
  • Recognize what will increase your chances of commercial success when launching a product
  • Analyze the role of flexibility in the era of digital healthcare
Tom Cannell, COO and President, Global Commercial Products, OREXIGEN THERAPEUTICS
Data-Driven Health and Personalization

Sharecare provides a personalized experience, driven by data, that informs consumers on their health journey. Sharecare’s personalized content and data-driven health solutions are fueled by over 100 questions on the RealAge Test and ongoing real-time profiling and behavioral tracking.

Jeff Arnold, Chairman and CEO, SHARECARE
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Outsmart Vs. Outspend Your Competition

How Point of Care Can Help Your Brand Build a Meaningful, Sustainable Advantage

  • Hear how one pharmaceutical brand made point of care a core component of its marketing strategy and gained a meaningful share of voice as a result
  • See how point of care pulls through your strong DTC campaign to put your brand in the exact moments treatment decisions are being made
  • Learn messaging customization and personalization strategies for specific patient and physician touchpoints
  • Understand the benefits of a category-exclusive approach to owning the office
  • Hear about new auditing standards to guarantee reach and results
Linda Ruschau, Chief Client Officer, PATIENTPOINT
Pharma Keynote It’s Not (Just) the Tech: Why Partnering and Business Models Enable the Future of Patient Care
  • Identifying new products and services relevant to neurology patients
  • Cultivating partnerships and pursuing strategic opportunities with mission-driven companies
  • Design new business models orientated towards increased value delivery to health systems, improved patient experience and outcomes
James Musick, Vice President, Head of Neurology Patient Technology U.S., UCB PHARMACEUTICALS
What We Learned From Website Visitor Identification Data in the Oncology Space

Website visitor identification data unveils surprising trends including the fact that HCPs are visiting a popular oncology brand’s consumer site in numbers four times greater than the HCP site. This presentation will take a look at how data captured via an audience identity management platform can:

  • Report practitioner type, referral traffic, time on site, pages viewed, and repeat visits
  • Provide clues for optimizing oncology therapeutic websites — those targeting HCPs and consumers
  • Allow marketers to investigate new targets and adjust communications based on engagement preferences

In addition, comparisons to other branded websites in the oncology space produce further insights, following targets as they navigate from site to site. We will expound on these trends and illustrate specific opportunities that arise from individual visitor data points.

David Reim, Chief Product Officer, DMD
Digital Pharma Series™ Annual Plenary Panel Discussion
What Is the Future Pharma Enterprise and Business Model – Should We Know By Now?
  • Are pharma companies ONLY
    1. In the business of discovery, development, commercialization of new medicines?
    2. OR are we in the health outcomes business?
  • Those are two fundamentally different things and involve the broader services, technologies, and tools that could help patients do more, feel better or live longer:
    • Digital therapeutics/beyond the pill/investing in this space/designing new models to make that work
    • What direction do you see the industry moving in the next 18 months?
  • Do you feel physicians are more likely to prescribe your drug if you are also providing dedicated patient services/apps/companion tools etc.?
  • Are we just focused on treatment/medicine? If so, you will not see transformation. If you focus on improving health outcomes, you will develop SOLUTIONS that may actually drive prevention/diagnosis, disease management, etc.
  • Building global capabilities:
    • Balancing overall enterprise efforts including corporate AND individual brands. Is it one OR the other?
    • General lessons learned in the transformation process?

Bozidar Jovicevic, Vice President, Global Head of Digital Medicines, SANOFI
Andrew Ploszay, Global Head, Digital Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
Sai Punjabi, Global Digital Marketing Capabilities and Operations Director, ALLERGAN
Jamie Rosati, Executive Director, Digital Strategy and Enterprise Social Media Group, MERCK

Networking Strolling Lunch in the Exhibition Hall
Pharma Keynote "Learning From Legends:" Using Legends From Many Different Fields and Apply Their Brilliance and Expertise to Today’s Digital Pharma World
  • Peter Drucker: Management guru from the ‘50s and ‘60s on how to be more effective
  • David Ogilvy and Bill Bernbach: Advertising legends illustrate the importance of market research and branding
  • Malcolm Gladwell: NY Times best-selling author on how to find the story
  • Roger Federer: All-time tennis great on how to change as market conditions and competitors change
  • Vince Lombardi: Super Bowl-winning coach and the importance of discipline
  • Steve Jobs: Apple founder about making priority decisions
Jim DeLash, Multichannel Marketing Director, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
Session Outline TBD

Senior Executive, SYNEOS HEALTH

Pharma Keynote A Year in the Life: Profiling the Digital Transformation of a Life Science Company
  • Life Sciences sector overview: Understanding the macro issues and how the sector is being disrupted at a global level
  • Developing an effective transformation strategy and vision: Road map, buy-in, digital focus, investment and change management
  • Using digitalization and new technologies like Artificial Intelligence to create innovative and sustainable solutions for customers
Melissa Saw, Global Head of Digital Partnerships, BAYER
The Evolution of Media - and How It's Transforming the Relationships With Your Agency

Years ago there were a limited number of media channels and a finite numbers of ways to identify, reach and engage a target audience. Marketers have spent countless hours uncovering deep insights about their core target audience. These insights have been the primary driver in creating meaningful creative messaging but are often forgotten, or dismissed, when it comes to building out media campaigns. This is a miss. Media agencies/ teams can thrive by leveraging similar insights to create complex targeting methodologies that reach discreet target audiences with the most appropriate message at the most impactful stage in their patient pathway - resulting in a more effective media campaign with better results. Michael Deichmiller, Account Direct with Butler/Till Health Group will discuss the evolution of media, the importance of uncovering rich insights that can enhance a media campaign, and the benefits of approaching it the right way for your business.

Michael Deichmiller, Account Director, BUTLER/TILL HEALTHGROUP
Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break
Pharma Keynote Can Pharma Become the Venice of Digital Marketing?

Pharmaceutical marketing has rightly or wrongly been positioned as the backwoods cousin of other industries when it comes to digital marketing innovation. An amazing confluence of trends has created the ideal opportunity for pharma to break ahead of other industries. Much like Venice in the 13th century, the pharmaceutical industry is attracting diverse talent and increased investment to innovate in ways that could transform society. We will examine the technologies, healthcare trends, and real-world evidence that demonstrate how the pharmaceutical industry is poised to secure its seat at the table of innovation leaders. Topics covered:

  • What allowed Venice to become recognized as the birthplace of the renaissance?
  • The parallels between Venice and the world of Pharmaceutical Marketing
    • Resources (e.g., data, investment)
    • Demand (e.g., healthcare trends, alignment on outcomes, triple aim)
    • Talent (e.g., data scientists, digital health startups)
    • Creativity (e.g., content, artistry)
    • Geography (epicenters of innovation like Boston)
  • Pharma Digital Renaissance
    • What might it look like?
    • How will it impact society?
  • Carpe Diem
    • The 10 steps each of us must take to seize this opportunity
Glenn Butcher, Senior Director, Global Cystic Fibrosis Marketing, VERTEX PHARMACEUTICALS
Addressing Medication Adherence to Improve Quality of Care

Today, providers are measured by outcomes that their care enables, not just the number of patient visits or procedures ordered. Given this, the pharma industry must work with providers to ensure successful outcomes, as value is placed not only on the moment of care but also the broader, long-term ability to produce positive health outcomes for patient. So the challenge now shifts: how can pharma successfully and cost-effectively assist providers in orchestrating better care? In this session, OptimizeRx and Dr. Jack Pinney of MidMichigan Health will discuss:

  • How real-time patient savings, education and adherence strategies are integral parts of a value-based care strategy
  • The need for pharma marketers to execute a multi-channel strategy across financial, clinical and brand support at the point-of-care
  • How this has impacted Dr. Pinney’s efforts toward quality-based care
Miriam Paramore, President, OPTIMIZERX
Dr. Jack Pinney, Physician, MIDMICHIGAN HEALTH
Enabling Digital Promotions Success for an Enterprise
  • Building a business case for SEO success by consolidation of similar web experiences
  • Enabling SEO effectiveness on a global scale [[ Consolidating audience insights for more efficient digital advertising operations
  • Deciphering when a social strategy is really a paid social advertising strategy
  • Protecting brand reputation and avoiding internal bid overlap in paid search

If you are interested in hosting this session, please contact Jayson Mercado or or 212-400-6236.

Health System Keynote Session Marketing Segmentation Strategies and Building Data-Driven Marketing Teams/Practices
Tanya Andreadis, Associate Chief Marketing Officer, UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA HEALTH SYSTEM
Main Conference Day One Networking Cocktail Reception

If you are interested in hosting this session, please contact Jayson Mercado or or 212-400-6236.

TRACK SESSIONS | CONFERENCE DAY TWO | Thursday, October 18, 2018
Track A
Track B
Track C
Track D
Track E
Morning Coffee in the Exhibition Hall
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Dr. Theodore Search, CEO, SKIPTA
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Elena Alikhachkina, Worldwide Head Analytics Technology, Strategic Insights and Data Solutions, JOHNSON & JOHNSON
Ron Barry, VP of Business Development, MELTMEDIA
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Norm Phillips, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, BIOPHARM COMMUNICATIONS
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Case Study The 5 Excuses Every Digital Pharma Marketer Uses and What Needs to Change
What We Have Learned From Digital Pharma Conferences
  1. Be prepared to be dethroned
  2. If you aren't responding to change, you’re done
  3. You are focusing on the wrong thing
  4. Be a cheap looser
  5. This is not Game of Thrones
Michael Rowbotham, Multichannel Marketing Director, PFIZER, INC.
Case Study Using Social Media to Raise Awareness of Clinical Research – A Year Later Account

Learn from first hand case studies executed by Eli Lilly and Company, centered on using great content and crowdsourced art through social media as a way to engage people and raise awareness of clinical research.

  • Explore various interpretations of ROI
  • Understand how internal communications stakeholders can work together in a nimble and effective way
  • Learn how to sequence content development, promotion, and engagement strategies
Joseph Kim, Senior Advisor, Clinical Innovation, ELI LILLY AND COMPANY
Case Study The New Age of Digital Analytics and Why We Need It
  • From Digital Analytics to the Digital ROIs
  • Linking Digital Analytics with traditional non-Digital Analytics
Igor Rudychev, Senior Director, Business Insights, ASTRAZENECA, USA
Case Study The Launch of a Non-Traditional Unbranded Multichannel Campaign in Pharma

When entering a new disease state what you do prior to launch is critical to the success of the future branded launch. Yes, there are always the traditional campaigns which include disease state awareness and education. Sunovion not only decided to do the traditional, they decided to create Little Big Things TM — an innovation platform that will curate and communicate some of the most exciting ideas for Parkinson’s and pull them all together into one place, making it easy for our audiences — patients, caregivers, doctors, and innovators — to find them and engage with them. We will discuss how this campaign was developed, its components, how it was approved and how it is performing since launched.

Paul Murasko, Senior Director, Multichannel Marketing, SUNOVION PHARMACEUTICALS
Case Study Better Media Management for a Dynamic Digital World

Managing digital media while continually improving performance across all digital channels is difficult. To solve complex issues, it is best to divide the problem into smaller, more manageable pieces. As we look to do this for digital media management, several things become apparent:

  • The marketing funnel is a series of funnels that may live in different places in your digital ecosystem
  • Time on site and pages viewed are not important metrics for managing digital media
  • Your creative and UX teams are just as important as your media planners and buyers in driving media success
Robert Gargiulo, Marketing Director, Mylan Consumer Healthcare, MYLAN, USA
The Next Generation of Member Engagement — Evolving Community Feature Based on Member Need
Dr. Theodore Search, CEO, SKIPTA
Social Media Truth in an Information-Overloaded Era
  • Identify knowledge gaps in patients’ understanding of chronic conditions via social listening and primary research
  • Establish trust via authentic connections in social media
  • Educate patients effectively in an on-the-go mobile world
  • Empower patients to have more productive conversations with their physicians
Driving Customer Value in a New World Digital Ecosystem

Learn how a top 10 pharmaceutical company leverages innovative analytics to drive real customer value in a largely digital ecosystem. In this session, we explore a rep-orchestrated approach that incorporates digital tools that complement professional details and deliver an optimally orchestrated customer experience. In addition, you’ll learn to solve for issues such as rep access decline, individual tactic/content preferences, and the ability to provide added value in each interaction. The analytic model we will discuss fuels this approach and provides ongoing touchpoint optimization for each individual physician.

Jane Portman, Vice President, Analytics, MERKLE
Yi Wang, Senior Manager, Emerging Analytics, ABBVIE
If Patient Engagement Is the Holy Grail We All Seek, What Does It Really Provide Us?

For all that this sector obsesses about “patient engagement,” what does increased engagement actually do for patients, providers, and pharma? In this talk, we will explore this topic and examine the evidence – for and against – the value of engagement, whether that’s shown in clinical outcomes, satisfaction, and revenue/profits.

Paul LeVine, Vice President, Analytic Services, TRIALCARD
Audience Unification: Improving Targeting and Consolidating Messaging

Customer segmentation is an important part of pharma teams’ toolkits for communicating with patients effectively. By linking health data, consumer data, and patients’ HCP data, marketers can create a complete picture of their target audience, allowing them to reach relevant patients with complementary messaging wherever they consume media. In this presentation, Crossix will present a case study illustrating the benefits of a person-level data approach, including

  • Building robust customer segments
  • Consolidating marketing efforts across channels
  • Measuring campaign effectiveness and synergies across all channels
Matthew Walsh, Senior Manager, Industry Solutions, CROSSIX
Case Study How Will Pharma Adapt to Successfully Engage HCPs?

As HCPs evolve in their engagement with patients and how they manage their practice, pharma companies will have to transform their HCP-engagement approach.

Case Study Pharma’s Path to Digital Disruption: Driving Organizational Change to Succeed in a Constantly Connected World

Pharma certainly hasn’t developed a reputation as the industry driving innovation and excellence in customer experience. But in today’s world, where patients are smarter and more in control of their health than ever before, the necessity for excellence across modern marketing techniques has never been more important. So how do we shift historically traditional organizations to not just show up – but to break through – in digital and social media? Hear how GSK is fostering in a new era of patient engagement – bringing the organization on a journey toward digital disruption by putting patients at the center and designing integrated online experiences that are primed for discovery, engagement and outcomes.

Angela Horstmann, Head of Consumer Digital Experience and Innovation, U.S. PharmaCustomer Capabilities and Operations, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
Case Study Using Cross-Channel, Content and Data Analytics to Inform the Customer Experience
  • Reach and frequency
  • Driving meaningful engagement
  • Integrated channel ecosystem
  • Content
  • Data
  • Pfizer case study
Robert Allen, Lead, Digital Operations Global Public Affairs, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Vandana Singh, Director, Corporate Analytics, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Case Study Prime-Time Omnichannel: How to Build on the Framework of Others to Make Your Marketing Efforts Successful

As the world gets more digital, we look for experiences that are real, meaningful, and have great depth. Customers stopped engaging with products, or with a company, and now engage with a story. They move from channel to channel, expecting seamless data. This presents an enormous opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to learn and build on retail omnichannel frontrunners to increase recognition and trust. Learn how experience inspires virality and how content brings out the humanity in all of us. We will cover:

  • Know what and why your customers are expecting a “relationship” from marketing efforts
  • Gaining insight into the performance of omnichannel marketing from experiences outside pharma
  • Understanding the power of flexible, structuerd content and how it is critical to the success of your omnichannel marketing efforts
  • Don’t just tell a story – tell an experience
  • Real-life examples of campaigns using the latest tools and channels, combined with creativity and flair
Bryan Cohen, Digital Platform Lead – Promotional Operations, Sales, and Marketing, Worldwide Innovation Fellow, PFIZER, INC., USA
Case Study Building a Bridge Between Science and Sports: A Digital Strategy on How to Bring Hospital-Grade Technologies Directly to Consumer

This presentation will take a look at how BLDG Active took a medical-grade technology being used in hospitals and launched into the action sports and outdoor space. By rethinking traditional channels, companies can now leverage more targeted digital efforts to market to niche segments. Key topics will include:

  • E-commerce strategy
  • Creating awareness through social
  • Blogger and influencer outreach
  • Paid media
Justin Gardner, CEO, BLDG ACTIVE
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Innovation in the World of Digital Marketing
Amit Phull, M.D., Vice President of Strategy and Insights, DOXIMITY
Session Outline TBD

Senior Executive, VERYWELL

Session Outline TBD

Senior Executive, DMD

Delivering Powerful Fully Integrated HCP CRM – From Inception to Results
  • Strategic approach to developing fully integrated CRM campaigns
  • Case Study
    • Planning
    • Development
    • Delivery
    • Measurement and Results
Rich Patterson, Senior Vice President, Engagement Strategy, BIOPHARM COMMUNICATIONS
Programmatic Advertising to HCPs: Deterministic Vs. Probabilistic Targeting

Now that pharma marketers are leveraging programmatic platforms to reach HCPs at scale and through multiple supply sources, there is an opportunity to take stock of the supply chain — and to identify the right balance of scale efficiencies, targeting accuracy, and ROI. This session will provide a deep dive on the nuts and bolts of HCP audience targeting with a focus on deterministic and probabilistic targeting models and performance of endemic and non-endemic media. The session will try to answer the question: what factors should HCP marketers consider to maximize value when buying programmatically?

Justin Fadgen, Chief Corporate Development Officer, BULLETIN HEALTHCARE
Case Study Global HCP Portals: Do They Work? What Is the Value? What Does the Future Hold?
  • A visual tour of pharma portal solutions across the globe
  • The ten keys to creating high-quality, integrated digital customer experiences for HCPs
  • An example of using VOC data and analytics to continuously improve the experience
J.D. Lineen, Global Channel Lead, Web and Mobile, GLAXSMITHKLINE
Digital Connectivity and Its Role in Disease Management and Patient Engagement
  • Examining the role digital connectivity have in patient disease management and support beyond adherence
  • Understand and balance technical complexity and simplicity to create a unique and positive user experience
  • Polymedicine challenges and consideration — short-term approach and long-term considerations
  • Exploring opportunities for pharma, patient and HCP engagement through digital support ecosystem
Michael C. Song, Ph.D., Senior Manager R&D, Device Functionality, Safety, and Digital Connectivity, Drug Delivery and Device Development, BioPharmaceutical Development, MEDIMMUNE
Case Study Leveraging Patient Opinion Leaders and Social Media to Improve Disease Management

Improving health outcomes is a part of every pharma company’s mission, but getting there isn’t just about script lift and adherence. It’s also about helping patients navigate their care beyond the pill. For GSK, this took the form of a social promotion campaign, driven by patient opinion leaders, who could use their trust, reach and influence to get a new symptoms reference kit into the hands of lupus sufferers, and ultimately marketable CRM database leads. This session will cover:

  • What constitutes success with a social media campaign and what are relevant KPIs to measure
  • Understand the opportunities and challenges of collaborating with patient opinion leaders and how to build upon on their trust and influence
  • How hyper-targeted social media can multiply impact
  • How this campaign was conceived and lessons learned in its execution
Daemion Johnson, Manager, Disease Awareness Marketing - Immunology and Rare Diseases, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
The BMS Approach to MCM Engagement
Lisa Flaiz, Director, Multichannel Marketing, Worldwide Digital Hub Lead, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Case Study The Winners and Losers of Digital Transformation
  • Big ideas vs. the fundamentals
  • Digital Darwinism and the survival of the fittest for superior UX
  • Innovation and partnership models – closed Innovation vs. open Innovation
  • Rule of 7 – building a partner network
  • Machine Learning combined with Virtual Reality vs. just a boring ad
  • Organizational Transformation and the forgotten ones
  • Scale vertically, horizontally, concentrically
  • Proficient in PowerPoint and Java, not interested in learning. How to fail at talent
Ozgun Demir, Associate Director, Digital Marketing, US, BAYER HEALTHCARE
Are Quality Relationships Possible Without Engagement?

Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created; 1/3 of that data is healthcare-related. Given the amount of information “noise” in the market, a new NPP landscape has emerged. HCPs now take initiative to source the information they need, when and where they want it (particularly in light of reduced rep access). At the same time, 84% of patients ask HCPs about a drug they saw in an ad. This presents a challenge to pharma – how can outreach initiatives optimize engagement?
In this presentation, we will examine:

  • Pharma’s current challenges in maintaining share of voice
  • Today’s goals for using digital channels
  • Tactics to break through the “noise”
  • Definitions of campaign success
Jason Bernstein, Senior Manager, Pharma Strategic Solutions, ATHENAHEALTH
Jeff Greene, Vice President, Digital Strategy and Insights, DRG DIGITAL
Using a Novel Patient Engagement Approach to Overcome HCP and Patient Challenges of a New Pharma Launch

Launching a new pharma brand can be incredibly challenging. In this session executives from Novo Nordisk, CareSpeak Communications, and Cult Health will discuss their novel approach to an early experience program executed through the use of Automated Patient Engagement and interactive messaging. Attendees will learn how to structure similar programs, engage patients, HCPs and the sales force in the process, and the best practices that helped a new Novo brand successfully address several key launch challenges.

Srdjan “Serge” Loncar, President and CEO, CARESPEAK COMMUNICATIONS, INC.
Jeff Rothstein, CEO, CULTHEALTH
Jeremy Shepler, Head, U.S. Ozempic® Commercialization, Diabetes Marketing, NOVO NORDISK
Utilizing Machine Learning to Engage Your Audiences

Everyone is buzzing about machine learning and artificial intelligence. Learn how you can use these tools in your brand campaigns. We’ve been applying machine learning techniques to our clients’ campaigns and in this presentation we will show how the technology can help you engage your target audiences, providing what they want before even they know they want it.

Paul Kallukaran, Executive Vice President, Performance Analytics and Data Science, CMI/COMPAS
Multichannel Engagement and Marketing Automation in the HCP New World
  • Challenges / Opportunities in the HCP New World
  • Capabilities of a Modern Marketing Automation Platform
    • HCP Identity Management
    • PII / NPII Gap
    • Integrated Solution Stack vs. Best-of-Breed
    • Core Marketing Automation Functions: Multichannel Orchestration
    • The Role of AI / Machine Learning
  • The Importance of Setting a Strategic Foundation
  • Defining the HCP Experience
  • Benefits of Implementing a strong Data / Technology Foundation
  • Aligning your Organization for Change
  • Operational Best Practices to Continuously Deliver on the Promise
  • HPC Case Study
Jonathon Goade, SVP Technology, EPSILON
The Proactive Revolution Is Coming to Health
  • Evidence of the proactive revolution (in life)
  • Role of data and technology
  • Transformation of health from reactive to proactive
  • Implications for pharma marketing
Chris Neuner, Chief Revenue Officer, PULSEPOINT
Closing Panel Discussion Handling the Hype – Which Innovations Do Your Customers Really Want?

Between voice search, wearable devices, virtual patient consults, cognitive computing systems, virtual and augmented reality, and more, there are countless flashy new platforms impacting the healthcare space. It is nearly impossible for marketers to keep up with every trend and make strategic investments with limited time and budget. Join us for a discussion to learn how to:

  • Identify the emerging technologies and tools that resonate with HCPs and patients
  • Prioritize investment by customer content needs and channel content preferences in 2018
  • Develop criteria to evaluate innovations for potential investment in the years ahead

Vlad Castillo, President and Co-Founder, XREACH.IO
Amit Pherwani, Director, Digital Marketing, NOVO NORDISK
Alison Reichert, Director, Digital Strategy and Data Innovation, PFIZER, INC
Priya Venkataraman, Social Media Capability Lead,Multichannel Hub, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

Closing Panel Discussion The Digital Difference: New Forms of Patient Engagement
  • How digital is changing pharma’s business model
  • What can digital deliver? New forms of patient engagement
    • Evidence-based behavior change
    • (Hyper) Personalization – the digital difference
    • Getting the balance right – digital first but not only
  • Improved adherence, evidence and healthcare outcomes
  • Is pharma ready for the challenge?

Craig DeLarge, Formerly Head of Digital Acceleration, Emerging Markets, TAKEDA

Closing Panel Discussion Analytics Roundtable: The Future of Analytics and Its Convergence With Pharma Planning and Execution
  • What we are trying to achieve with Digital Analytics?
  • How can analytics and online data help lead content creation to resonate best with your audience on digital platforms?
  • Should content and targeting ever be created in a vacuum?
  • How to make digital better with Digital Analytics?
  • Pros and cons of Digital Analytics
  • From Digital Analytics to the digital ROIs
  • Linking Digital Analytics with traditional non-Digital Analytics
  • Future of Digital Analytics

Elena Alikhachkina, Worldwide Head Analytics Technology, Strategic Insights and Data Solutions, JOHNSON & JOHNSON
Ron Barry, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development, MELTMEDIA


Gaetan Akinrolabu, Associate Director, Social Media Publishing and Strategy, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Tatsiana Gremyachinskiy, Digital Marketing Manager, ABBOTT VASCULAR
Ben Lei, Director of Marketing, Imruvica, PHARMACYCLICS

Closing Panel Discussion Multichannel Engagement: Discussing the New Model That Combines Online and Offline Channels in a Way That Generates Real RESULTS
  • Assessing the changes being made in pharma with multichannel engagement
  • How can you generate real results? How do you quantify real success?
  • Integrated channel ecosystem considerations
  • Reps and multichannel

Norm Phillips, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, BIOPHARM COMMUNICATIONS


Robert Allen, Lead, Digital Operations Global Public Affairs, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Jeff Greene, Vice President, Digital Strategy and Insights, DRG DIGITAL

Panel Discussion Establishing a Customer Engagement Ecosystem in a Digital World
  • What are the key components?
  • What is critical to delivering a seamless customer experience?
  • What do you standardize and what do you localize?
  • Where is value derived for customers and enterprises?

Jasper Beard, Director of Marketing, Multichannel, VIIV HEALTHCARE
Fabrizio Caranci, Channel Innovation Director, MERCK

Strolling Lunch in the Exhibition Hall
PLENARY SESSIONS | CONFERENCE DAY TWO | Thursday, October 18, 2018
From Promise to Practicality: The Role of Emerging Technologies in Healthcare Marketing

A wide range of emerging technologies have garnered attention among healthcare marketers in recent years, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots, virtual assistants, and more. There exists a large gap, however, between the widely-communicated promise of these technologies and the reality of what they can credibly deliver. Expectations for both hardware and software have been set unrealistically high by fictional depictions in popular culture and marketing campaigns. Ben Voss, Chief Technology Officer for PIXACORE, offers an insightful introduction to these technologies while helping to separate fact from fiction, addressing their realistic future promise and outlining practical applications available today to healthcare marketers looking to drive tangible results for their brands.

Andy Bond, Executive Vice President, Multichannel Marketing, PIXACORE
Ben Voss, Chief Technology Officer, PIXACORE
Hospital Session Connect the Docs: Using Data to Improve How You Market to Providers

What do providers think about your marketing? Are your campaigns engaging, or just white noise? Clinicians just want to be left alone to practice medicine, yet patients, government, and business decision-makers are asking more questions than ever. How does your marketing fit into their world?

In this entertaining, behind-the-scenes look, you will get a reality check about marketing to providers in the Digital Age and learn how to use data to avoid common mistakes.

Jared Johnson, Manager, Marketing Technology and Analytics, PHOENIX CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL
How Digital/Social Analytics Drives Patient Centricity and How to Holistically Measure Impact of Digital Activities
Tanmay Saraykar, Director, Offerings Management and Global Delivery - Social Intelligence, IQVIA
Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break
Pharma Keynote Social Media Is Not a Promotional Tool

Pete Dannenfelser discusses the use of social media from a communications perspective and as a way to improve patient outcomes

Pete Dannenfelser, Associate Vice President Communications and Digital Innovation, FERRING PHARMACEUTICALS
Case Study Profiling an Actually Successful Social Media Deployment in Pharma
Mike Padilla, Vice President of Marketing, ALIMERA SCIENCES
Closing Remarks From the Chairs and Close of Conference
Danielle Halstrom, Vice President and Head, R&D and Commercial Communications, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Officer, WPP HEALTH & WELLNESS
Close of Main Conference
DIGITAL PHARMA INNOVATION LAB | Friday, October 19, 2018
Morning Coffee and Registration for Forum Participants
Opening Comments and Welcome Address From the Chair
Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Digital Accelerator, Global Drug Development, NOVARTIS
MINIWORKSHOP HealthBot Workshop – A Practical Introduction to Leveraging Chat and Voice Bots in Pharma NOVARTIS, CONVERSATIONHEALTH

Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Digital Accelerator, Global Drug Development, NOVARTIS
Dr. John Reeves, Chief Medical Officer, CONVERSATIONHEALTH
Lexi Kaplin, Chief Product Officer, CONVERSATIONHEALTH

  • Why healthbots are particularly well suited to pharma and healthcare
  • An executive 101 of what bots are and how they are best leveraged by business
  • How healthcare brands are tapping into the power of bots
  • Learn how to use a “bot canvas” to structure your approach to building bots

Engage in a quick bot-a-thon to ideate and define a bot that addresses a key health challenge.

Morning Networking Break
Digital Therapeutics: Software As Treatments

Digital therapeutics have the potential to play a major role in the treatment of chronic disease which accounts for 86% of healthcare costs. While digital tools can be useful in managing chronic disease, digital therapeutics, like those offered by Click, can actually produce drug-like outcomes in treating chronic diseases such as depression. Machine learning, predictive analytics, and user engagement are central to Click’s ability to drive outcomes with software. These features will be discussed in relation to CT-152: our mobile application that delivers a proprietary, interactive therapeutic intervention for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder. Initial results demonstrate that the efficacy of this digital therapeutic is comparable to drug therapy, with a highly favorable safety profile. Presentation Take-aways:

  • Digital therapeutics can produce clinical outcomes comparable to or better than drugs
  • One digital therapeutics platform can be leveraged to target multiple indications
  • The regulatory pathway is open for these apps to obtain drug-like labels
  • Digital therapeutics at scale have the potential to ease the burden of chronic disease, and will be prescribed by physicians just like a drug in the near future
Joel Sangerman, Chief Commercial Officer, CLICK THERAPEUTICS, INC.
Case Study From Treating Disease to Treating Patients: A Pharma Perspective on Digital Therapeutics

Digital Therapeutics are emerging as novel, high-quality, evidence-based therapeutic interventions to prevent, manage or treat disease. Two years ago, Novartis embarked upon a journey to better appreciate the opportunity for using these novel treatment modalities to address high unmet medical need, and to better understand whether and how a pharmaceutical company like Novartis could help translate the potential benefits of these technologies to real benefits for real patients. In this presentation, you will hear an update on that journey, how it evolved to date, its current focus and objectives, and its future aspirations for truly integrating digital therapeutics in a pharmaceutical organization. Presentation Takeaways:

  • What are the potential benefits of digital therapeutics to patients in the near-, mid- and long-term?
  • How can pharmaceutical companies effectively engage in the digital therapeutics sector, and conversely how can digital therapeutic companies benefit from collaboration with the pharma sector
  • What may be opportunities for convergence of digital and pharmacological therapies?
Joris van Dam, Head of Digital Therapeutics, NOVARTIS INSTITUTES FOR BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH
Case Study Open Innovation: How Pharma Can Close the Gap Between Ideas and Viability

Many executives, when tasked with innovation, think they have an idea problem. But as any participant in a sticky-note brainstorm session knows, the real problem isn’t coming up with ideas, it’s closing the gap between concept and making it real. One of the central tenants of open innovation challenges is that they can accelerate the identification and strengthening of solutions in a short amount of time. This is particularly helpful for pharma, which struggles to balance near term expectations and long term bets on future business models. This talk will cover:

  • Breaking down the best practice for pharma
  • Drawing on our recent research around challenges
  • Weaving in real case studies from health for each point
Immersive Solutions Have Power to Transform How Physicians Learn
International Case Study Analyzing the Behavior of Physicians With Respect to Digital Marketing and Health Tools
  • Physician interest levels
  • Time preferences
  • Platform preferences
  • Physician stickiness level for digital marketing
  • Engaging customers by digital health solutions like medical webinar portals, first virtual hospital of Pakistan, or customize website development portal.
  • How these channels helps actually engaging and enticing pharma to engage customers for sustainable physician engagement
  • How a webinar portal can educate doctors in rural areas
Syed Umair Maroof, Director Bussines Unit — Market Access, GETZ PHARMA, PAKISTAN
Working and Networking Luncheon With 10-Minute BARRACUDA BOWL "Pitch Presentations" From Startups and Digital Innovators
Chairperson’s Notes and Forum Day Roundup Evaluation of Lessons Learned
Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Digital Accelerator, Global Drug Development, NOVARTIS
Close of Conference

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