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We invite you to download the extensive brochure, agenda and content to judge for yourself how the 9th Annual Digital Pharma East conference can help you — and more than 750 of your industry peers — overcome the key challenges you face and realize the potential of digital health for the future of your business:

Optimize Your Speed and Flexibility – The Order of Magnitude Differential in Product Life Cycles:

- Bridge the gap between "pharma speed" and "digital speed"
- Overcome roadblocks when converting ideas to actionable solutions
- Shift your mindset – pharma competencies and processes are geared to minimize risk at the expense of speed and flexibility
Create an Adaptive Company Culture: Account for the Absence of a "Fail Fast" Mentality that Exists in Startups and Other Business Sectors

- Learn how to support those difficult but necessity stepping stones to success
- Assess risk aversion bottle necks limiting operational effectiveness
Execute, Execute, Execute: Balance Speed, Relevance, Demands and Utility

- Recognize that success depends upon rapid, iterative development and testing with real-world feedback – you must develop a disruptive approach

We look forward to seeing you at our new home in Philly!

Why the 9th Digital Pharma East conference is the Largest Provider of Content, Innovation and Practical Insights for Digital Marketing in Life Sciences in the WORLD:

Taking Actionable Content and Education to New Levels:

The customer journey and the path to customer experience excellence for the future begins today. To unlock this, certain trends need to be addressed.

  • The "centricity model": brand centric -> customer-centric: Expectations have changed. The customer has more control, and therefore building value and value add is ever more important.

  • Sales reps are now a "channel": As we move away from a sales rep-centric business model, we must now orchestrate and integrate all channels.

  • The role of data insights: The industry has been able to collect and aggregate vast sums of data. However, how pharma/medical device companies can utilize and leverage this data/information in a meaningful way is now an obstacle. How do you determine what is valuable and how do you convert valuable information into insight and action?

  • Performance accountability: In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, there is increasing pressure on budgets and higher expectations from senior management to demonstrate ROI.

Social Media: It’s Not Going Away!

Navigate considerations, including pharmacovigilance, monitoring, content solicitation, access to information, privacy and data security. Understand strategies for engaging patients via social media.

Take a More Applied Approach in Aggregating Data to Leverage in a Meaningful Way

Realize how pharma and med device companies can parse through vast data streams and understand exactly what is valuable, bridge the gap between wearables + data + devices, and understand how to effectively integrate and utilize predictive analytics techniques and predictive modeling.

Consumer and physician interfacing / interaction / experience management

Improve the "how to" of interacting with patients and the identification of which digital tools to use. Leverage examples and set yourself up on the path to customer excellence and engagement techniques of the future.

Digital Innovation and the Value Proposition for Life Sciences

Review wearable technologies, novel customer interfaces and touch points. Analyze "connected digital health" and how consumers, their phone and their other connected devices will change the way you do business.

Define Core Competencies and a Company Road Map for Digital Transformation in Line with Your Specific Organizational Business Objectives

Develop robust business models that foster quicker collaboration between divisions, allows for decision-making processes to be made at lower levels of seniority, and increase accountability in a cost-effective manner.

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Download the Conference Brochure

Get all of the latest information for this event! Download Now
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