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Our unique mix of over 30 marketing gurus will explore how to:

Develop practical plans to support global digital strategies and innovations

Analyze and review the latest technologies to better promote your company's brand

Develop a digital review process that effectively demonstrates ROI

With our dedicated industry following, the guarantee of innovative strategy profiling and unique networking opportunities available, you will leave the conference knowing how to take a global approach to your digital platforms; identify core competencies, skills and develop business models in line with your evolving engagement tools and tactics. In addition, within this era of austerity and cost cutting; pharma is facing pressure to build value into the digital proposal to provide value beyond the pill. Join ExL Pharma and Bayer Pharma AG at this truly innovative conference to develop strategies and initiatives that allow you to convince payors of the benefits of your products through digital means.

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Why Should You Attend?

CHALLENGE: Moving to an evolved digital organisation: More and more pharma are taking a global approach to their digital platforms. Thus there is a need to identify core competencies, core skills and map out a strategy in line with differing geographic regulations

SOLUTION: We will outline how to make things happen despite local restrictions, what to outsource and which partner to choose in this. Discover how to develop apps, social media and other digital channel tools that fulfill legal obligations and mitigate risks—examine exactly what marketing and compliance have to think about in these processes at all time stages

CHALLENGE: The commoditisation of digital: how can pharma reduce cost base? Austerity is put- ting pressure on pharma to do business in a different way, and we are now seeing a complete shift in different business models. How much should pharma do with traditional sales force for example? Certain therapeutic areas are not even sending reps anymore because the doctors no longer have the prescribing power

SOLUTION: Analyse how to develop robust business models that fosters quicker collaboration between divisions, allows for decision making processes to be made and lower levels of seniority and increases accountability in a cost effective manner

CHALLENGE: How can you introduce digital in the value proposal of pharma companies, generating added value? Is digital only a channel for the pharma industry, and how can I build value into the digital proposal to provide value beyond the pill?

SOLUTION: Develop strategies and initiatives that allow you to convince payors of the benefits of your products through digital means

CHALLENGE: How can you practically develop the notion of customer centricity into strategy and articulate this change in mentality throughout the enterprise to improve customer experience?

SOLUTION: Decipher how to put the customer in the center of strategy; analyse how to under- stand their information needs, their channel preferences and how to develop the right combination of online and offline. Social media is the great equaliser; review how Europe can bridge the gap with the US in social media engagement. Provide an agnostic customer experience across platforms and channels

CHALLENGE: MCM is complimentary to traditional marketing but how can you optimally integrate? How can you develop a plan of action in the channel mix to better measure ROI? How is this done through departments, groups, people; CRM, CLM. What even is CLM today? Not just through traditional remote detailing and contact centres

SOLUTION: (a) Analyse case studies of true multi-channel marketing and a wider view of the marketing mixes. Learn how to better integrate the marketing mix and commercial channels:

(b) Discover how reps are becoming digitised, how remote detailing evolving and discuss if this something that could replace reps

(c) Practically understand planning and project management/campaign management and analytics for measuring campaign effectiveness


"I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and got a lot out of the experience. It was very well-organized and the facility and other "hospitality" logistics were really super! I've organized a lot of meetings in my time and I know it takes a lot of hard work to achieve the kind of results that you did, so I wanted to express my appreciation for how well everything was handled. It's been a pleasure working with you."

Stef Mendell, Director of Communications, Global Manufacturing & Supply, GLAXOSMITHKLINE

"The conference offered the right mix of topics and sophistication that I sought."

Rich Salem, Executive Director, Public Affairs, DAIICHI SANKYO

"You guys did a fantastic job and we had many great conversations at the event."

Matt Raymond, Marketing Manager, THOMSON REUTERS

"This conference was excellent – very comprehensive. Will definitely attend again next year."

Tricia Moriarty, Director of Commercial Communications, SEPRACOR

"Top notch speakers and terrific networking opportunities with industry colleagues"

Susan Watkins, PR Director, SANOFI PASTEUR

"Great information and discussion. I look forward to this event every year"

Lee Davies, Director, Global Product Communications, SCHERING-PLOUGH

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