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Thank you very much for your interest in the Digital Pharma West conference! We’d like to thank our fantastic faculty, sponsors, media partners and attendees for making the 2015 event our most successful edition to date! We are already at work on 2016’s show, so keep watching this space for updates.

For information on speaking opportunities, please contact Warren Drysdale at or 917-258-5162.

For information on sponsorship or exhibition opportunities, please contact Jayson Mercado at or 212-400-6236.

2015 Leading International Expert Speakers

Why 6th Digital Pharma West Is the Number One Provider of Content, Innovation and Practical Insights on the West Coast.

For 2015, we have spent a great deal of time researching and delivering speakers from organizations of ALL sizes. This year we have the highest proportion of SME biopharma and medical device companies to date. Here’s how you will stay ahead of the curve….

Social Media: It’s Not Going Away!

• Understand exactly where we stand with the FDA draft guidelines
• Decipher what is important in privacy and security in successful social listening
• Analyze case study experience on how a pharma company used a branded social presence to deepen patient engagement and affinity
• Break down new FDA guidance and how MLR/compliance/legal/marketing teams can work better with regulators and each other

Take a More Applied Approach in Aggregating Data to Leverage in a Meaningful Way: Deliver an Integrated Health System by Using Data to Meet Objectives

• Realize how pharma and med device companies can parse through vast data streams and understand exactly what is valuable
• Bridge the gap between wearables + data + devices
• Understand how data, measurements and informatics can be utilized to demonstrate ROI across channels
• Connect brand teams with customer and patient information center touch points to leverage the stream of data coming from information requests
• Understand how to effectively integrate and utilize predictive analytics techniques and predictive modeling

Optimize Consumer and Physician Interfacing/Interaction/Experience Management

• Improve the “how to” of interacting with patients and the determination of which tools to use
• Discern how the new Apple Healthbook will impact interfacing and the development of advanced health apps
• Understand how to better deal with incoming requests for information from patients
• Build a customer interaction management plan
• Develop a multichannel integrated content strategy

Understand Digital Innovation and the Value Proposition for Life Sciences

• Integrate adjunctive technologies into the pharma model: mobile, digital, device, etc.
• Master wearable technology by manipulating the data and developing a value proposition — these are not just shiny objects
• Delve into the consumerization of healthcare, including novel customer interfaces and touch points
• Dissect the commoditization of digital, reducing cost base while fostering innovation
• Analyze "connected digital health" and how consumers, their phones and their other connected devices will change the way you do business

Define Core Competencies and a Company Road Map for Digital Transformation in Line with Your Specific Organizational Business Objectives

• Improve the digital foundation and your customers’ experience
• Improve core processes and tools for digital services
• Define capabilities and set the standard for a world-class digital function
• Develop robust business models that foster quicker collaboration between divisions, allow for decision-making processes to be made at lower levels of seniority, and increase accountability in a cost-effective manner

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