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Thank you very much for your interest in the Digital Pharma China conference!

We’d like to thank our fantastic partners, faculty, sponsors, media partners and attendees for being a part of our 2017 event. We are already at work on 2018’s show, so keep watching this space for updates.

For information on speaking opportunities, please contact Warren Drysdale at or +1917-258-5162.

For information on sponsorship or exhibition opportunities, please contact Jayson Mercado at or +1212-400-6236.

Leading International Speakers

While physicians continue to be the major advocate in engagement, education and access, the global significance of the patient journey/experience, as well as payer marketing, is becoming increasingly weighted in importance. Therefore it is being entrenched in marketing teams as a core value offering. Patients are now deeply embedded within the value chain

Business model disruption in pharma is now a necessary tool – and this is shifting the ownership model into a mode of evaluating healthcare as a service. This has a number of implications on the business model as we see it today:

  1. What is ‘digital health’ today – moving away from just rep efficiencies?
  2. How can we optimise the shift of the ownership model from pharma to the consumer
  3. What technologies are available to deliver the tipping point in this shift
  4. What does digital healthcare and health outcomes as a service look like?

The wide range in job titles and divisions that now attend Digital Pharma events is a testament to the spread of digital throughout the entire pharma enterprise. Digital transformation methodology now needs to be a core principle in modern pharmaceuticals striving for future success.

AI, AR and cognitive computing are now a reality and are actually being used by doctors and physicians in predictive diagnostics. If we start to advance towards diagnostics from AI on a regular basis and certain decision making processes are taken out f the doctors hands; what are the implications for pharma marketing? How will brands and marketing teams adapt to this new world?

How pharma companies collaborate with the mobile healthcare or remote consultation platforms in response to Chine healthcare reform, is a growing topic area.

The application of big data and analytics into in sales and marketing, as well as leveraging digital to move into medical market access and product launch, give us a glimpse into the future.

We look forward to tackling all these issues head on in 2017!

Why Digital Pharma China Is the Number One Provider of Content, Innovation and Practical Insights in China

It is no longer enough for a company to have specific digital teams added onto a brand plan as a bolt on. From an early stage Regulatory, Legal, Compliance, IT, Innovation, Commercial Operations, Customer Interaction, Sales/Field Force and many other departments all need to interact with the various marketers to develop initiatives that really deliver for the customer. No matter your size/scale of operations.

This conference will profile best in class case studies and senior levels discussions that will allow you to leverage solutions, technologies and tactics to prepare for tomorrow. Issues such as reducing costs, mastering MCM, improving uses and effectiveness of new digital marketing techniques, harnessing analytics to drive improved ROI/customer satisfaction and improving SFE.

Global Digital Pharma Series Highlights

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