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DIGITAL FUTURE DAY | Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Registration and Morning Coffee for Digital Future Day Participants
Chairman’s Opening Remarks
Jason Bernstein, Director of Medical Communications Strategy, ATHENAHEALTH
INNOVATION KEYNOTE SESSION Strategic Partnerships: Faster, Smarter, Bigger, and Better Together!
  • Digital trends from Google’s perspective
  • The power of partnerships: The why, what and how answered
Coleman Bigelow, Senior Brand Partner - Consumer Health, GOOGLE
Melissa Saw, Global Head, Digital Partnerships, BAYER
Success in Today’s Evolving Pharma Marketing Landscape

Pharma marketing has seen quite an evolution over the course of the past decade. In today’s world of value-based care, all critical stakeholders—from patients to providers—are counting on us to provide digital innovations that support bottom-line profits and improve overall care outcomes. This intriguing conversation, facilitated by OptimizeRx, will discuss the imperative to go digital and how this will affect organizations across the care spectrum, and provide practical advice that pharma brands can take to prepare success in the next decade (and beyond).

Kai Bode, Director Digital and Analytics Technologies, MERCK
Angelo Campano, Vice President, Point of Care Marketin, OGILVY
Dr. Harry Greenspun, Partner and Chief Medical Officer, GUIDEHOUSE
Steve Silvestro, Chief Commercial Officer, OPTIMIZERX
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Your Doctors Are Learning With Video Games—And It’s a Win for Pharma

Played by billions of people, video games are fun, highly visual, and educational: could pharma tap into them to reach doctors? Sam Glassenberg will describe how video game technology and psychology are capturing the attention of HCPs, sharpening their diagnostic and treatment skills, and teaching them about new drug therapies—all inside of video games.

Sam Glassenberg, Founder and CEO, LEVEL EX
Pharma Marketing and Empathy: How Digital Technology Can Enable Empathetic Patient Experiences

Patient centricity has become the key driver within pharmaceutical marketing. Digital technology enables pharmaceutical companies to better understand patients and their unmet needs and provide more empathetic patient experiences that build rapport and ultimately deliver better outcomes

Tracy Yedlin, Social, Mobile, Innovation Team Lead, Customer Engagement and Marketing Innovation Team, TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS
Networking Lunch for Digital Future Day Participants
Streaks, Structured Sweepstakes and Atomized Content: How Loyalty Marketing Best Practices Transform Medication Adherence

What does loyalty marketing have to do with patient education and adherence? As it turns out, a great deal – incorporating tactics like streaks, structured sweepstakes and atomized content can improve patient education and adherence. In this presentation, HealthPrize Founder and Chief Growth Officer Tom Kottler will discuss how loyalty marketing and gamification best practices can drive double-digit increases in adherence for engaged patients.

Personalization, Precision, Prevention and Prediction: The Four Ps Shaping the Future of Healthcare

Join us in looking at the technological and medical basis that will make this future possible

Prodeep Bose, Executive Vice President, Growth and Innovation, THE BLOC
Case Study Time Is Running Out for Digital Transformation in Pharma and Biotech

The pharmaceutical implementation of digital marketing and use of a true multiple channel strategy, has been under pressure for the past 10 years as virtually every other industry and sector has surpassed them in both customercentricity and progress in digital marketing.

  • Digital Transformation situation overview
  • Creating an initiative: How can you build a leadership position at your organization?
  • Potential change drivers
  • Now is the time for action
Neil Keene, Digital Brand Consultant, Ocaliva, INTERCEPT PHARMACEUTICALS
The Three Pillars of Social Marketing for Pharma: Understand, Influence, Optimize

Physicians are digitally coming together every minute of every day to discuss their industry, practice challenges, life, and more – so how do we effectively tap into this evolving world of real-world medicine? In this presentation, we’ll provide both the industry and physician perspective on how Sermo’s enhanced peer-to-peer platform can inform and transform how pharma leverages social to:

  • Understand the power of physician peer-to-peer platforms
  • Influence discussion around your therapeutic area and brand in new ways
  • Optimize your messaging to achieve your KPIs
Michael Joachim, Senior Vice President of Commercial Development, SERMO
Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break
HCP Digital Advertising Measurement — Are You Asking the Right Questions?

Pharma has seen and strongly embraced the value of programmatic, social and now Advanced TV for effective HCP marketing. NPI-level targeting at scale and with cost-efficiency continues to drive digital growth and innovative multi-channel solutions delivering on-brand objectives. Like any marketing program, measurement is key, not only to understanding campaign effectiveness but also guiding optimization. In parallel with the growth in HCP digital is also the evolution of digital privacy regulation. CCPA is the beginning — not the end. This session will focus on state-of-the-art measurement and optimization techniques while navigating the evolving privacy landscape. Joining Bill Reinstein will be Yuchen Feng, Head of Product for Healthcare at LiveRamp, who will bring a unique view of digital marketing and the intersection with privacy from the center of the AdTech ecosystem.

What are the questions you should be asking to ensure your programmatic messaging is being seen by the right audience?
How do you do effective HCP programmatic and cross-channel measurement while remaining privacy compliant today and in the future?
What are the measurement options and techniques that meet the unique needs of pharma?

Yuchen Feng, Head of Healthcare, LIVERAMP
Bill Reinstein, CEO and CTO, MEDDATA GROUP
Shaping the Future of Digital Marketing

Crossix will share the top innovations that are shaping the future of digital marketing, including:

  • Using AI and machine learning to improve campaign performance
  • Connecting DTC and HCP strategies
  • Bringing digital thinking to TV
  • Marketing to HCPs as consumers
Nick Illobre, Vice President of Product Strategy, CROSSIX
Case Study From Data and Innovations to Successful Data-Driven Digital Campaigns
  • How to innovate and be successful in digital
  • New digital data is a must
  • What is the digital data?
  • From Digital data to digital innovations
  • Data driven digital campaigns
  • How coordinate personal and MCM with digital promotion
Igor Rudychev, Head of U.S. Digital, Data, and Innovations, ASTRAZENECA
The Digital Health and Digital Marketing Spectrum of Innovation

Earlier this year ExL and Evolution Road launched the inaugural Digital Health for Pharma (DH4P) conference, strengthening the Digital Pharma Series. During this session Evolution Road will:

  • Highlight the intersection between digital health and digital marketing
  • Identify the emerging spectrum of innovation that is enabling pharma to explore new opportunities that can effectively address brand business and triple AIM goals
  • Review an example of how it was applied within Pharma
Brandi Ascione, Principal, Digital Marketing Capability Practice Co-Lead, EVOLUTION ROAD
Larry Brooks, Principal, Digital Health Practice Leader, EVOLUTION ROAD
6:30 - 7:30 Digital Future Day Networking Cocktail Reception Hosted by:

If you are interested in hosting this cocktail reception, please contact Jayson Mercado or or 212-400-6236.

PLENARY SESSIONS | CONFERENCE DAY ONE | Wednesday, September 18, 2019
Registration Opens, Continental Breakfast and Morning Coffee in Exhibition Hall
Chair’s Opening Remarks
Welcome to the 13th Digital Pharma East: Chair’s Event Welcome!
Pete Dannenfelser, Associate Vice President Communications and Digital Innovation, FERRING PHARMACEUTICALS
Alison Woo, Director and Social Media Lead for U.S. Pharma, NOVARTIS
Pharma Keynote Thinking Differently to Take Advantage of Digital Innovation Techniques In-House and Agility Measures
Dan Gandor, Director, U.S. Customer Experience, Oncology and Virology, ABBVIE
A Science-Focused Approach to Digital Transformation

the GSK tech culture, empowering his teams to achieve outcomes with clarity over certainty. In the presentation, Matt will discuss:

  • Leading experiment-driven, data and product-oriented teams and avoiding non-failure driven culture
  • Empowering teams to make decisions closer to the ground
  • Shifting mindset of teams to be more agile and business-minded
Matt Lasmanis, Vice President of Technology and CIO, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
The Intersection of Data and Emotion: Unlocking Meaningful Patient Relationships

There’s a way to create a win-win for the biopharma industry, patients and caregivers. In a special live episode of Health Union’s Living With podcast, host Emily Downward will interview psoriasis patient advocate, Alisha Bridges, and Health Union’s COO Lauren Lawhon to showcase how integrating patient-reported data with daily social interaction creates meaningful engagement at all points in the patient journey.

Alisha Bridges, Advocate, and
Emily Downward, Consumer Strategy & Storytelling, HEALTH UNION, LLC
Lauren Lawhon, Chief Operating Officer, HEALTH UNION, LLC
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Worth the Wait: The Positive Effect of Patient Wait Times on Healthcare Brands

The dynamics of patient wait times are changing. The once hollow environments of the waiting room and exam room are transforming into interactive, multimedia experiences thanks to innovative engagement technologies. We’ll share proprietary research into patients’ behaviors while they wait and showcase real-life examples and case studies of how brands are using digital and mobile technologies to capture patients’ attention and influence decisionmaking across the office.

  • Get an in-depth look into patients’ attitudes and behaviors in both waiting rooms and exam rooms
  • Learn messaging best practices for distinct patient and physician touchpoints — waiting room, exam room, back office and beyond
  • See how new exam room digital technology is changing patientprovider interactions and how your brand can become a more pivotal part of the conversation
  • Hear from physicians on the type of information that resonates most with them and their patients at each point
Linda Ruschau, Chief Client Officer, PATIENTPOINT
Keynote Consumer Marketing and Digital Transformation in Pharma: Evolving the Consumer Go-To-Market Model to a Digital-First Media Approach
  • A look at 10+ years' evolution of consumer marketing capabilities within Pharma (Eli Lilly)
  • Staying true to our DNA of insights-based marketing, while evolving to a digital-first approach in consumer marketing
  • Flipping the model: From a TV-heavy media mix to a data-driven, audience-first approach to media buying
  • Mastering the end-to-end consumer journey and creating digital experiences before and after Rx to drive consumer engagement and business value
Lina Shields, Chief Media Officer, Lilly USA, ELI LILLY AND COMPANY
Why Endemic Content Matters: The Importance of Context in Creating Trust

Our extensive research explores how advertising context can impact important intangible attributes like trust, loyalty, brand favorability for brands and pharma manufacturers. We compare differences across groups who’ve seen advertising on endemic health sites, a range of non-endemic sites and those who have visited sites. Brand favorability and trust qualities lead to brand loyalty and increase likelihood for those audiences to ask their doctor about the brand, fill prescriptions for the brand and stay adherent to the brand.

Denise Esakoff, Senior Vice President, Research and Analytics, SHARECARE
DIGITAL PHARMA SERIES™ ANNUAL PLENARY PANEL DISCUSSION Establishing a Customer Engagement Ecosystem in a Digital World
  • What are the key components? What is critical to delivering a seamless customer experience?
  • What do you standardize and what do you localize?
  • Where is the value derived for customers and for enterprises?
  • How are "Centers of Excellence" evolving and are they helping to deliver improvements down the line for the customer?

Melissa Halkyard, Vice President, Product Development and Marketing, PRECISION XTRACT
Lou Marcinczyk, Head, Multichannel Capabilities, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

Networking Strolling Lunch in the Exhibition Hall
Pharma Keynote Marketing and Sales — How They Need Each Other and Don’t Know It
  • The importance of connecting marketing and selling execution
  • How GSK approaches this concept
  • Case study of when it doesn’t go well
  • Case study of when it does go well
  • Using technology as a bridge
Caroline DeMarco, Vice President, Selling and Marketing Excellence, Commercial Capabilities Payer and Board Member, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
2019: The High-Speed World of Email Marketing

Email marketing may often be viewed as the “Steady Eddy” of the marketing mix. But in 2019 there have been several significant – and disruptive – infrastructure changes introduced by email service providers that impacted nearly every marketer’s email programs.

Not adapting to these changes is not an option: at best, your emails will end up in spam; at worst, you risk the complete shutdown of your email program.

The teams that stay aware and stay ahead of these changes will be able to continue to engage healthcare providers effectively, efficiently and, most importantly, uninterrupted. This session will cover methodologies and innovations in email to help ensure the success of your email programs while avoiding the potholes that have taken down more than a few brands this year.

David Reim, Chief Privacy Officer, DMD
Pharma Keynote What Goes Into a “Successful” Commercial Business Model Transformation and Translation
  • U.S. market strategy
  • Digital acceleration
  • Strategic alliances for healthcare transformation and solutions activities
Lisa French, Associate Vice President, U.S. Strategy and Commercial Model Innovation, MERCK
Innovation and Communication in Today’s Digitally-Charged Pharma Landscape

It’s never been more important for providers, patients and pharma to stay connected. How can we improve communications and work together as a connected team to progress care? Miriam Paramore of OptimizeRx will facilitate a panel discussion, challenging each member of the panel to provide insight and direction on what is available now to the pharma marketing industry, how these tools are underutilized, and what needs to happen to incite positive change for our industry that results in increased profits and improved outcomes.

Dr. Harry Greenspun, Partner and Chief Medical Officer, GUIDEHOUSE
Miriam Paramore, President, OPTIMIZERX
Dr. Jack Pinney, Physician, MIDMICHIGAN HEALTH
Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break
Pharma Keynote Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare – Profiling the ‘European Way’

Saskia is part of the European Commission’s High-Level Expert group for AI and published European Guidelines for Ethical AI in April, which have been discussed in detail in Financial Times, WSJ, etc. This presentation discusses AI in the context of healthcare and contrast it with the U.S. and Chinese approaches.

Saskia Steinacker, Vice President and Global Lead Digital Transformation, BAYER
Mobilizing Patient Engagement: Capitalizing on Consumers’ Preference for Mobile to Build Awareness and Adherence Across Multiple Brands

Takeda’s brand teams understand the importance of using consumers’ preferred engagement channel — mobile. They also have an appetite for innovation and have been willing to implement several first-of-type digital programs that use data in meaningful, privacy-safe ways.

Working with Aptus Health, the teams are using engagement strategies that include location-based mobile ad campaigns aimed at driving brand awareness among consumer and HCP audiences (including campaigns using dynamic formulary messaging), as well as personalized mobile messaging campaigns that provide patients with proactive, branded prescription support and engagement based on pharmacy claim data.

Join this session to learn:

  • How mobile-first engagement solutions are bringing consumer audiences through the engagement funnel, from the broad-scale awareness of Tomorrow Networks programs to highly personalized adherence messages timed to actual pharmacy events delivered through EngagedMedia
  • Best practices on how to optimize campaigns and drive continuous improvement across a range of programs and brands, made possible by working through a single partner with robust analytics capabilities
  • Results of these programs in terms of awareness, engagement, NRx lift, and ROI

Jennifer Avallone, Associate Director, Multichannel Marketing Partner, TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS
Erin Bennett, Senior Vice President, Client Strategy, APTUS HEALTH
Panel Discussion What’s Television? A Discussion of Video Strategy and the Opportunity for Greater Impact

Sight, sound, and motion have always captivated audiences but the digital age has transformed the what, when, where and how of video consumption and content. In this new world, a video strategy is key — one that considers the channel, targeting, placement, and message cohesively and with purpose. Gone are the days of mass market-only campaigns with a high degree of media waste and low relevance. Today, media waste can be greatly reduced, relevancy can be higher than ever and measurement of video campaigns can demonstrate meaningful business impact. Michael Deichmiller, Group Account Director at Butler/Till Health Group, will explore these topics during this panel discussion alongside both industry veterans and media channel experts.


Michael Deichmiller, Account Director, BUTLER/TILL HEALTHGROUP
Mallory Halva, Client Partnerships, Pharmaceutical Lead, XANDR
Tim Natal, Omnichannel Marketing, IQVIA
Keith Pieper, Director Marketing, SALIX PHARMCEUTICALS

Getting “Personal” With Non-Personal Promotion: Where Do We Stand?

According to a 2018 McKinsey study, only between 4% and 11% of pharma companies rate their digital makeover a success, which is far below the overall industry standard of 26%. However, significant progress has been made in providing personalized experiences for healthcare professionals and we will share our efforts to date.
Over the course of the presentation, will be examining:

  • Current unmet needs in pharma’s NPP approach
  • What can personalized NPP look like?
  • How can success be optimized via customized strategies: A case review
  • Guidance on designing tailored campaigns at the segment level
Jason Bernstein, Director of Medical Communications Strategy, ATHENAHEALTH
Wesley Van Den Heuvel, Director, Non-Personal Promotion, NOVO NORDISK
Pharma Keynote Underlining Commercial Effectiveness With Data and Analytics
Bharti Rai, Vice President, Commercial Effectiveness, NOVARTIS
Main Conference Day One Networking Cocktail Reception Hosted by:

If you are interested in hosting this cocktail reception, please contact Jayson Mercado or or 212-400-6236.

TRACKED SESSIONS | CONFERENCE DAY TWO | Thursday, September 19, 2019
Morning Coffee in the Exhibition Hall
Morning Coffee in the Exhibition Hall
Morning Coffee in the Exhibition Hall
Morning Coffee in the Exhibition Hall
Morning Coffee in the Exhibition Hall
Morning Coffee in the Exhibition Hall
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Chris Neuner, Chief Revenue Officer, PULSEPOINT
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Kristen Hartman, Vice President, Client Services, WEGO HEALTH
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Ron Barry, Vice President, Business Development and Founder, MELTMEDIA
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Norm Phillips, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, BIOPHARM COMMUNICATIONS
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Ingrid Eberly, Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Events, HEALTHLINE MEDIA
Chairperson's Opening Remarks
Zoe Dunn, Principal, HALE ADVISORS
Jessica Pfennig, Global Compliance Business Partner, ASTRAZENECA
Case Study Digital Pharma Marketing Campaign Learnings Through Different Product Life Cycle Phases
  • Have we determined WGLL (What Good Looks Like) before initiating our campaigns?
  • How effective do we manage the Key Cs (Customers, Content, Channels, and Clicks) of digital marketing?
  • Are we getting the most from our cross-functional/organizational partners?
  • How well are we framing our failures?
  • Are we fostering an environment for sharing best practices?
Morris Kimble, Associate Brand Manager, Insulins Digital and Print Strategy, ELI LILLY
Case Study Using the Medium of Art to Reach Patients and Inspire Action

Learn how Bayer harnessed creativity and imagination to help cancer patients better understand that genomic cancer testing is a crucial step in cancer diagnosis and empower them to see the real picture through the Test Your Cancer campaign. The theme of art is weaved through the campaign in its entirety and showcased across multiple digital channels, including a website, a series of short videos and a suite of educational materials and paid amplification on social. We will discuss market research that informed the campaign, the strategy behind the theme of art, the campaign components, and how our tactics drove our key objectives.

JJ Ferrer, Director, Strategic Marketing Lead Oncology, BAYER
Cynthia North, Oncology Consumer Marketing Lead, BAYER
Case Study Building an Analytical/ROI Model for Digital and Multichannel Initiatives: Relating the Challenges of Having Data Across Multiple Channels for Customer
Michael Rowbotham, Multichannel Marketing Director, PFIZER, INC.
Case Study Getting to “There”: Marketing in the Era of the Consumer
Alison Reichert, Director, Digital Strategy and Innovation, PFIZER, INC
Case Study Immersive Healthcare Media: Success Stories in Augmented Reality — Bolstering Healthcare Professional Engagement
  • Immersive multimedia represents an unparalleled opportunity to elevate engagement with healthcare professionals
  • Augmented Reality (AR) is generating vibrant communication and educational opportunities that redefine customer interactions, improving experiences and increasing time spent with core content, across channels.
  • In this session panelists from two leading pharmaceutical manufacturers will share success stories, offering perspective on how AR is transforming HCP engagement.
Mike Marett, Founder, CONFIDEO
Case Study Streamline the Promotional Review for Digital to Bring Things to Market Faster Saving Time, Resources and Money
Shirley Whitfield, Senior Director, Global Digital MLR Transformation, ASTRAZENECA
Artificial Intelligence — Super Hearing for Healthcare Marketers; Detecting Weak-but-Important Signals of Customer Behavior
  • Learn how voice interfaces are transforming how HCPs and patients interact with your brand, and explore the untapped potential that exists in your current marketing data
  • Understand how AI accelerates identification and validation of critical market insights that empower the creation of a competitive advantage
  • Discuss a real-world implementation of artificial intelligence that accelerates the collect, analyze, and execute cycle in marketing, so that you can be in position to act when an opportunity arrives
Hans Kaspersetz, President and Chief Strategist, ARTERIC
Bridging the HCP/DTC Gap: An Integrated Audience Approach

Informed patients and engaged healthcare providers seek and consume their health information differently. Taking an orchestrated approach to meet their consumption habits is the holy grail of media planning and message delivery. In this presentation, we’ll uncover the media needs of individual audiences and demonstrate how to connect HCP and DTC media planning, message delivery, and ultimately create more powerful outcomes. Join us to hear how we’ve bridged the gap in health messaging at the individual audience level by understanding and engaging patients and healthcare providers where they work and live.

Susan Dorfman, President, CMI/COMPAS
Justin Freid, Senior Vice President, Search Engine Marketing and Emerging Media, CMI/COMPAS
How To Create a 1:You Customer Experience

As marketers, our goal is to continuously enhance the customer experience that’s fueled with personalized messages. In order to personalize and establish 1:You communications, uniting anonymous identifications with actual robust profiles is essential. During this session, we’ll discuss how marketers are developing an integrated solution to obtain a unified customer view from:

  • Developing a technology solution that’s focused on enhancing the customer experience along every phase of the journey
  • Integrating a data solution containing both first and third-party data insights
  • Understanding the role of compliance - how to shift a business requirement into a marketing advantage
Robin Palley, Senior Vice President and Practice Lead, Strategic Business Consulting, EPSILON
Going Beyond the HCP Target List With Breakthrough Programmatic Solutions

Healthcare marketers are living in a state of inertia; digital advertising is still directed by target lists, static data sets, and cumbersome processes that hinder ad relevance and impact.

That’s about to change. In this session, DeepIntent Co-Founder and CEO, Chris Paquette, will combat the healthcare limitations with breakthrough data and technology solutions that empower marketers to act with the speed and precision needed to influence HCPs as treatment decisions are being made.

Revive your HCP campaigns by learning how to:

  • Enrich and augment target lists with real-time data
  • Forecast and plan against real-time clinical behaviors
  • Reach high-value HCPs when you’re most likely to influence their writing behavior
  • Evolve from using real-time data to targeting predicted futures.
Chris Paquette, Co-Fouder and CEO, DEEPINTENT
Digital Governance 201: Taking Your Company to the Next Level

You have a Governance structure in place, with clear accountability, representation and commitment from the right internal stakeholders, and a strategy to develop and update guidelines as needed to support innovation at your company. But still, your marketers and communications teams are not taking full advantage of these platforms to be competitive. What do you do next? This session will explore key topics like:

  • Socialization – how to drive the message across your organization
  • Managing turnover – what to do when the key contributors change
  • Staying current – how to make sure you are ahead of the information curve
Zoe Dunn, Principal, HALE ADVISORS
Case Study Script Lift Impact of Alert-Triggered Messaging in Non Personal Promotion
  • Hear best practices, business rules and strategic approaches to launching NPP programs to engage low and no-see physicians, when targeting a practice or point of care location.

  • Learn how a leading Oncology brand messaged HCPs based on weekly alert-triggers such as “new diagnosis” “new diagnostic ordered” or “competitive therapy written”

  • Understand when and where to use alert data and signal targeting to increase script writing behavior by 2x over competitor claims

  • Discover how organic non-endemic ad messaging leads to scaled opportunities for promotion to phones and tablet devices and websites.

Erin DeRuggiero, President, Chief Commercial Officer, TI HEALTH
Case Study Keeping up With the Customers

With customer expectations growing exponentially and social media changing daily, how do you keep up? Find out how to navigate platform changes, leverage features to meet customer expectations, and build nimble approaches to foster authentic engagement and drive deeper connections with your brands.

Amanda Phraner, Associate Director, Public Relations and Social Media, HORIZON PHARMA
Case Study Leveraging Informed HCP Migration to Optimize Targeting and Multichannel Spend

One of the biggest challenges that launch brands in unique therapeutic areas face is identifying the right target audience for unbranded and ultimately branded messaging. While some treatment options may be more intuitive than others, it is still a critical consideration that can impact speed to market, awareness, and trial, business impact and ROI. This session will discuss the migration of HCPs from initial touch to progressively increasing levels of engagement leading to defined levels of Rx activity.

Jane Portman, Vice President, Analytics, MERKLE
Case Study The Evolution of Multichannel Marketing in Pharma: It’s Not About Digital Marketing; It’s About Marketing in a Digital World
Paul Murasko, Senior Director, Digital Customer Interaction, IPSEN BIOPHARMACEUTICALS
Case Study Words and Music: How Creative + Media Can Equal Breakthrough Results

In the Mad Men era, media and creative groups were part of the same agency. Putting together an advertising campaign was done in the confines of a singular agency. They had a better chance of connecting the advertising message with the medium in which the message would be communicated.

That changed in the last 25 years when media agencies splintered off and became part of the big agency holding companies, like WPP, IPG, etc. Media agencies and creative agencies needed to work together, even though they were separate companies.

As digital media growth accelerated, the focus on marketing and advertising campaigns was on optimization, analytics, big data and so on.

That left a gaping opportunity for those who can figure out how to make creative and media work together better and led to the concept of Words and Music.

To find out what Words and Music is, and how it connects to Pharmaceutical Advertising, attend this session.

Jim DeLash, Multichannel Marketing Director, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
Fireside Chat Digital Governance and Communications: A ‘Fireside Chat’ With Bob Allen of BMS
We may associate Digital Governance with Marketing and Promotional Review, but Communications plays an important role in the Development and Socialization of Guidelines and Standards, especially when it comes to the Company Brand. In this session, we’ll explore themes including:
  • Developing Governance around communicating the Company Brand
  • How to create a secure environment for employees to communicate in Social Media
  • Sending the message locally and globally — pulling it through agency partners and tailoring to regions
Bob Allen, Lead, Digital Operations Global Public Affairs, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Morning Networking and Refreshment Break
Meeting the Next Generation of Physicians Where They Are on Their Phones

81% of physicians are dissatisfied with their interactions with pharmaceutical companies. Two-thirds of HCPs complain that they are bombarded with generic digital content. Hear insights from Dr. Landy about what resonates with the next generation of physicians, and the most effective ways to engage them.

Dr. Joshua Landy, Chief Medical Officer, FIGURE 1
How To: Patient Activation in Social Networks

What if Amazon was responsible for getting people with health problems properly diagnosed and treated faster? Personalized, data-driven healthcare solutions would upend Patient Activation as we know it. Some biopharma marketers are already doing this today, leveraging social networks to anticipate and address patient needs proactively. This session will focus on real-world examples of this transformative approach, sharing proven blueprints for meeting patients where they are and when they’re most likely to take action. Key takeaways:

  • Actionable path to Patient Activation in social networks
  • Insight into how machine learning is helping put the right content in front of the right patient at the right time
  • Guidelines for driving activation while preserving patient privacy
  • Tactics for closing gaps in knowledge and care
Decoding the Digital Physician: What Two Million Web Sessions Tells Us

Physicians, through their online content consumption behaviors, show us the moments, locations, and topics that interest them most online. This physician-level data is rich with intent and can reveal insightful trends and unique behaviors. Showcasing analysis from 178,000 unique physicians and two million+ web sessions across an ecosystem of sites — including medical publishers, professional social pharmaceutical sites, and more — this presentation provides insight into:

  • What content physicians read most – from relevant healthcare categories to specific medical topics and drug mentions — and how that content changes over time

  • The most effective channels for driving engagement on your site

  • The differences in how certain specialties seek out and interact with content online, including the most frequently visited websites and online resources

  • How to take physician-level behaviors even further with tailored, preference-based journeys delivered through marketing automation such as triggered email programs

Adam Derengowski, Senior Vice President, DMD
Edith Hodkinson, Chief of Digital Strategy, DMD
Effective Integration of Third-Party Promotion Into HCP Omnichannel Campaigns
  • Market research data evaluating the value of combining third-party with first-party promotion to HCPs
  • Strategies to effectively integrate third-party content and tactics with first-party campaigns
  • Case studies illustrating effective integration of third-party and first-party campaigns
Jeff Persinger, President and CEO, BIOPHARM COMMUNICATIONS
A Data-Driven Road Map for Physician Engagement
  • Transform insights into action based on data collected from more than 4600 medical, science, and research sites
  • Learn how to adapt your digital marketing strategies using data-driven tactics to meet HCPs where they are, with the right message, at the right time
Alan Rutledge, CEO, TRENDMD
Amy Turnquist, Executive Vice President, Sales, EHEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS
How Confident Are You About Your Customer Data?

The quality of your customer data impacts the customer engagement and sales effectiveness of your commercial operations. Data stewards spend thousands of hours, manually to fix data issues. Is there a better solution? Enterprises need quantitative metrics to gauge data quality.

Modern Data Management SaaS platforms provide Machine Learning-based Confidence Indicators that can be continuously calculated for all HCP, HCO profiles and presented to data stewards and business users as actionable metrics. Data quality and ranking capabilities are valuable for data stewards since they automatically prioritize work by identifying data that is high in business value but low in quality.

This session will discuss how to ensure reliable customer profiles and how ML-based indicators help data stewards focus their time and efforts for the greatest business impact, increasing productivity, while business users use these ranks and scores to segment data and maximize business outcomes.

Ajay Khanna, Vice President of Marketing, RELTIO
Jamie Yates, Master Data Management Leader, AstraZeneca
Case Study Digital Market Research — How VIIV Embarked Upon Passive Tracking Research to Find Out Just What Doctors Were Doing on Their Computers and Phones, and How the Findings Influenced Our Strategies
Case Study Four Lessons Learned in Four Digital Transformation Roles

Building successful social media campaigns for your brand isn’t just a function of tactics and targeting. It also requires smart execution with influencers in the patient community who can help develop, deliver and share in your messaging and amplify your reach. Drawing upon lessons learned from four distinct roles in digital transformation, we’ll walk through best practices to consider as you build out your brand social strategy – from content development and co-branding to social promotion and KPI’s that drive not only social engagement but business results.

Paul Murasko, Senior Director, Digital Customer Interaction, IPSEN BIOPHARMACEUTICALS
Case Study The Promise of Big Data — Optimizing Business Process
John Cheniara, Senior Director, Global Drug Safety and Risk Management Information Technology Business Partner Head, CELGENE
Case Study Leveraging Patient/Consumer Insights in a Broad Multichannel, Multi-Brand Portfolio
  • Driving business value in the digital channel to create market advantage
  • Focusing on improving patient outcomes
Lisa Flaiz, Director, Multichannel Marketing, Worldwide Digital Hub Lead, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Case Study Instagram Branded Page Experience
  • Challenge: Reach eczema sufferers where they are to deliver meaningful value through content and community
  • Strategy: Expand the branded social presence of into Instagram, the fastest growing social platform with 21M unique users to Facebook
  • Execution: Brand team partnered with IG, Pfizer Media and the Pfizer Digital Review Team to: -- Develop unique content to fully harness the visual and inspirational nature of the Instagram platform -- Foster and facilitate a transparent, meaningful community conversation
  • Results: Launched Pfizer’s first branded Instagram page that allows comments, encourages community interaction, and provides “social care” for patients and caregivers consistent with the IG platform while remaining compliant with Pfizer and Government regulatory policies
Shannon Lia-Onay, Senior Marketing Manager, Eucrisa PFIZER, INC.
Jennifer K. Travers, Head, Digital Review Team, PFIZER, INC.
Case Study Information Governance Primer
Carl Thomas, Director, Data Governance, Business Information Risk Management and Security, MERCK
Digital Trends: The Future of Trust in Networks and News
Amit Phull, M.D., Vice President of Strategy and Insights, DOXIMITY
User Experience Is the Most Important Metric You Aren’t Measuring

How many times have you found yourself searching for information and were met with websites filled with pop-up, interruptions, and slow pages that left you feeling frustrated and uninformed? Hopefully these interruptions only resulted in not getting the latest score, trend, or celebrity photo but what if this interruption was more serious? What if the interruption stopped you from getting the answer you needed, at a moment of need, as it relates to your health? In this session, Verywell will present the results of a new study that illuminate the emotional impact of user experience and its effect on health outcomes.

Joetta Gobell, Ph.D., Vice President, Research and Insights, VERYWELL
Rob Stephen, Vice President, Marketing, VERYWELL
Taking Your Patient Marketing Measurement to the Next Level

Join ZS as they share innovative ways to understand media’s influence on the patient journey.

  • Learn how ZS partnered with a client to gain deep insights into how marketing touchpoints impacted health behaviors across different patient types
  • See an approach to slice and dice media performance and health data, offering unparalleled flexibility in defining and tracking KPIs
  • Hear the value and benefit gained by various client stakeholders (e.g., brand team, analytics team, agency and media partners) and best practices for collaboration
Greg Fry, Patient and Consumer Marketing Analytics, ZS ASSOCIATES
Lana Goldshteyn, Director, Insights and Analytics, ASTELLAS
From “Never Heard of You” to “I’ll Ask My Doctor” – The Prescription for Marketing Effectiveness

The pharma marketing toolkit is a collection of traditional and digital marketing tactics that can create a disjointed experience for patients and become difficult for marketing organizations to manage effectively. To see higher returns in 2020, marketing professionals must apply new techniques to better integrate and align digital properties and campaigns. In this session LiveWorld will share how to:

  • Identify cross-channel opportunities and gaps
  • Connect marketing programs at each stage and convert more easily
  • Deliver consistency with informed content themes and messaging across channels
Dawn Lacallade, Chief of Social Strategy, VP Healthcare Practice, LIVEWORLD

Many of us live in a constant state of FOMO, or the Fear Of Missing Out. However, when entering the doctor’s office, anxiety and other emotions overwhelm us, pivoting our FOMO to FOFO – the Fear Of Finding Out. CEO of Outcome Health, Matt McNally, will discuss why it’s so critical to understand patients’ emotional and rational needs at the moments where they need support the most: the Point of Care.

Effectively Integrating Regulatory Review Into the Development and Roll-Out of a Digital Governance Framework
  • Tips to ensure a smooth approval and rollout of the framework
  • Keys to keeping governance up to date in a constantly evolving landscape
  • Essential elements for a compliance framework
CLOSING PANEL DISCUSSION Customer Engagement and Experience Management — Understanding Where HCPs Are Playing and Where You Need to Meet Them

With Digital and MCM COEs being moved into Customer Experience COE, and other associated departments transitioning in nature - how does this impact on your customer engagement strategy? How can life science organizations get to a place where their customer service offerings are in the same place that their customers are playing in.?

  • Ensuring that you get the fundamentals right – where are we going wrong with:
    • Segmentation
    • Targeting
    • Positioning
  • The external barrier: How can you overcome “we’re not there yet” style thinking from physicians?
  • The internal barrier: How can you de-risk new HCP engagement strategies to ensure internal buy-in from all stakeholders?
    Breaking down the engagement model – what is your measure of success for…?
    • Fully digital
    • Traditional
    • Integrated

Nikki Muntz, Executive Vice President, Business Development, PUBLICIS HEALTH


János Pénzes, International eMarketing Manager,
 Digital Center Of Excellence Lead, GEDEON RECHTER
Dan Tassone, Vice President, Product Strategy and Integration, HEALTH MONITOR NETWORK
Nafeez Zawahir, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, RAZORFISH HEALTH

CLOSING PANEL DISCUSSION Patient Services and Solutions — Breaking Down the Engagement Model
  • Understanding the patient journey and where it is heading
  • Utilizing real-world data in delivering improved patient outcomes – are we there yet?
  • Innovative solutions for improving the patient experience Patients want support from pharma in navigating the systems, not just on cost. How can you go where your customers are playing?
    • Patient support programs: Tying in the revenue side of it; not viewing it as CSR. How can we attach an ROI to patient engagement?
    • How do you design patient services given regulatory oversight and the demands patients have for customer experience in non-healthcare sectors?
    • Given all of the above, what are the most important things to consider in patient marketing?

Jake Coniglio, Head of Manufacturing Solutions, GOODRX
Andrew Hachadorian, Manager, Digital Marketing/Media, CUTANEA LIFE SCIENCES
Steve Reeves, Senior Director, Consumer Insights and Social Intelligence, DRG - DIGITAL

CLOSING PANEL DISCUSSION How to Effectively Set up KPIs to Measure Your Campaigns
  • How can you ensure the delivery of quality reporting and insightful analysis in this shifting market?
  • How to develop forecasts for performance of marketing initiatives — using both internal and external data sources
  • How should you go about creating and sourcing all KPIs and benchmarks, ensuring relevance to brand strategies?
  • What is the best way to build an attribution model for analytics and ROI?
  • Predictive analytics and their use in marketing campaigns of the future

Elena Alikhachkina, Worldwide Head Data and Analytics Product Line, Consumer and CMD, JOHNSON & JOHNSON


Gaetan Akinrolabu, Associate Director Paid Media and Social Media Strategy, Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Justin Grossman, CEO, MELTMEDIA
Jennifer Loga, Senior Director of Media, Strategy, and Analytics, HEALTHLINE MEDIA
Dave Mahagnoul, Director, Commercial Reporting — Respiratory U.S. Pharma Commercial Insights, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
Igor Rudychev, Head of U.S. Digital, Data, and Innovations, ASTRAZENECA
Ezra Suveyke, Chief Technology Officer, PULSEPOINT

CLOSING PANEL DISCUSSION Multichannel and Omnichannel Engagement in a World Where Customers AND Stakeholders Need More
  • We’re still in a world we talk about one or two 1 or 2 channels in isolation or combination, but not full omnichannel strategies. How do we move from multichannel to omnichannel?
  • Moving away from rep-centricity: HCP omnichannel seems still centered around the representative experience first. We always start there; how do we start from the customer POV or simply not just the reps?
  • As brands mature and marketers get more omnichannel experience, how do we balance and partner effectively with centers of excellence?
  • MCM and organizational change: e.g., Moving MCM COEs into Customer Experience COEs, evolving role of Medical Affairs in multichannel solutions — how is this impacting processes?
  • Leaning on your Medical Affairs teams data a scientific knowledge to bolster multichannel brand campaigns

Norm Phillips, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, BIOPHARM COMMUNICATIONS


Harold Johns, Global Director Digital Platforms, Digital and Connected Commerce Product Line, JANSSEN PHARMACEUTICALS
Matt Smith, Global Lead, Strategy, Digital and Operations, PFIZER, INC.
Britt Thompson, Executive Vice President, Commercial Strategy, EVOKE GROUP
Stacy Trent, Director, Worldwide Multichannel Capabilities, Campaign Management, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

CLOSING PANEL DISCUSSION Media Management for a Dynamic Digital World - Managing Digital Media While Continually Improving Performance Across All Channels
  • What are the key components?
  • What is critical to delivering a seamless customer experience?
  • What do you standardize and what do you localize?
  • Where is value derived for customers and for enterprises?

Serge Del Grosso, Senior Vice President, Media Services, MERKLE
Nitin Kumar, Associate Director, Commercial IT, OTSUKA PHARMACEUTICALS
John Lineen, Director, Strategic Planning, Media and Innovation Worldwide Digital Hub, BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB
Mimi Rosenheim, Senior Director, Digital Marketing, DEMANDBASE

CLOSING PANEL DISCUSSION What Is Coming Next in Digital and the Way in Which We Communicate?

Zoe Dunn, Principal, HALE ADVISORS


Pete Dannenfelser, Associate Vice President Communications and Digital Innovation, FERRING PHARMACEUTICALS
Jessica Pfennig, Global Compliance Business Partner, ASTRAZENECA

Strolling Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
Strolling Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
Strolling Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
Strolling Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
Strolling Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
Strolling Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
PLENARY SESSIONS | CONFERENCE DAY TWO | Thursday, September 19, 2019
Focusing on the Human Experience in Healthcare

This session focuses on the role data and analytics play in humanizing the healthcare experience. The presentation will share practical examples around how pharmaceutical companies can effectively engage with patients and healthcare providers through meaningful and relevant experiences. Additionally, the session will outline the recommended steps pharmaceutical companies should consider taking to develop a customer experience strategy and implement an analytics solution to reach their audiences with the right experiences at critical moments.

Mark Miller, Managing Director Health Care, DELOITTE CONSULTING LLP
Content Works – How to Integrate Content Into Your Marketing and Media Practice

Are you using the right content to support and influence the patient journey? Content is the most effective way to educate, inform and empower patients to make healthcare decisions, but it’s also the hardest to manage, distribute and measure. Together, Nativo and GSK will highlight how evolving technology and organizational structure can start to help solve for these key challenges, with examples of actionable insights and a conversation with GSK’s Senior Director of Content Strategy and Operations.

Kate Greengove, Senior Director, Content Strategy and Operations, GLAXOSMITHKLINE
Andrew Rosen, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales, NATIVO
Ray Rosti, Chief Digital Officer, PUBLICIS HEALTH MEDIA
The (Radical) Future of Healthcare

As data and technology garner healthcare’s gold seal of approval, its effects have revolutionized the industry. But what will the next era of healthcare look like, when our current healthcare landscape becomes radically different? In all honesty, the science fiction novels we read as kids are becoming more of a reality every day.

Afternoon Networking and Refreshment Break
Pharma Keynote From Insight to Experience: How Biogen Designed a Digital Team That Clicks

Join this session to hear from Biogen about how they designed a fullservice team that provides end-to-end digital capabilities. By putting insights, planning, experience design, and technical engineering under one roof, Biogen’s U.S. Multichannel Excellence team takes an integrated approach to delivering impactful digital initiatives.

Brian Cantwell, Senior Director, US Multichannel Excellence, Biogen
Lesley Folensbee, Associate Director, Multichannel Campaign Strategy and Operations, BIOGEN
Tim Howland, Associate Director, Head, Digital Communications, BIOGEN
Steven Krumholz, Associate Director, Multichannel Insights and Analytics, BIOGEN
Ben Zanghi, Digital Experience Lead and Product Owner, U.S. Multichannel Excellence, BIOGEN
Pharma Keynote The Sanofi Approach to Strategic Marketing Operations
Craig McGettigan, Head, Multichannel Engagement, U.S. Business Operations and Support, SANOFI
Pharma Keynote Social Listening: Why Pharma Is Missing Out
Michael Ruta, Digital Capabilities Lead, AMAG PHARMACEUTICALS
Pharma Keynote Expanding Access to Healthcare Through Prescription Digital Therapeutics

The latest frontier in medical care is prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs). They are reimagining the way we think about treating disease by using smartphones and tablets to deliver treatment anywhere. PDTs, which were pioneered by Pear Therapeutics, are high-quality, clinically validated software applications to treat, prevent or manage medical diseases. As a new method of care, they offer patients a wide variety of benefits, including increased access to therapies, improved engagement, and adherence compared to face-to-face therapies.

Join this session to learn:

  • What PDTs are and why they are different from traditional health and wellness app
  • How PDTs like reSET and reSET-O are improving treatment outcomes for patients suffering from substance use disorder and opioid use disorder
  • What’s next for PDTs
Alex Waldron, Chief Strategy Officer, PEAR THERAPEUTICS
Closing Remarks From the Chair and Close of Conference
Pete Dannenfelser, Associate Vice President Communications and Digital Innovation, FERRING PHARMACEUTICALS
Alison Woo, Director and Social Media Lead for U.S. Pharma, NOVARTIS
Close of Main Conference
DIGITAL PHARMA INNOVATION LAB | Friday, September 20, 2019
Morning Coffee and Registration for Forum Participants
Opening Comments and Welcome Address From the Chair
Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Head of Open Innovation and Co-Founder Novartis Biome, NOVARTIS
Are Healthbots the Future of Healthcare Engagement?
Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Head of Open Innovation and Co-Founder Novartis Biome, NOVARTIS
Case Study Vocal Biomarkers: Developing New Vital Signs From Short Speech Samples
  • The clinical thermometer as a powerful example of the clinical value of simple tools for that make timely and objective measurements of physiological changes
  • How differences in in the sound and quality of the voice broadly reflect differences in brain, muscle, and lung function across individuals and over time
  • Sonde’s technology platform that refocuses state-of-the art speech analysis on how we speak rather than what we say to unlock latent health information present in just a few seconds of speech
  • Vocal biomarker development case Study: Depression detection and characterization from 6 seconds of speech
  • Highlights of progress toward development, validation, and deployment of additional clinical-grade vocal biomarker health measurements compatible with consumer-grade voice-interactive devices
  • A framework for managing security and privacy as vocal biomarker interfaces and use cases evolve
Jim Harper, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, SONDE HEALTH
Mini-Workshop Voice, AI, Machine Learning and Bots for Healthcare
Lexi Kaplin, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer, CONVERSATION HEALTH
Elise Whitaker, Vice President, Client Engagement, CONVERSATION HEALTH
Morning Networking Break
Case Study Customer Engagement Through TOFU, MOFU, BOFU
Haider Alleg, Global Head of Digital Excellence, FERRING PHARMACEUTICALS
Mobile-First Pharma: Thinking Vertical

For the first time ever, consumers are spending more time every day on their mobile devices (~3.5 hours) than watching television. With mobile engagement expected to continue increasing, Pharma advertisers that adopt a mobile-first strategy will win market share and drive business growth. We’ll explore what a mobile-first pharma strategy looks like on Snapchat, from proliferating vertical formats (accommodating ISI) to targeting strategy.

Kyle Avery, Business Solutions, SNAP, INC.
Working Luncheon – Grab your food and head back into the session room!
Fireside Chat Expanding Access to Healthcare Through Prescription Digital Therapeutics

The latest frontier in medical care is prescription digital therapeutics (PDTs). They are reimagining the way we think about treating disease by using smartphones and tablets to deliver treatment anywhere. PDTs, which were pioneered by Pear Therapeutics, are high-quality, clinically validated software applications to treat, prevent or manage medical diseases. As a new method of care, they offer patients a wide variety of benefits, including increased access to therapies, improved engagement, and adherence compared to face-to-face therapies.

Join this session to learn:

  • What PDTs are and why they are different from traditional health and wellness app
  • How PDTs like reSET and reSET-O are improving treatment outcomes for patients suffering from substance use disorder and opioid use disorder
  • What’s next for PDTs

Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Head of Open Innovation and Co-Founder Novartis Biome, NOVARTIS, USA


Alex Waldron, Chief Strategy Officer, PEAR THERAPEUTICS

Case Study Music As a Digital Therapeutic for Walking
  • Music and neuroscience research as a foundation for improving gait following neurologic injury or disease
  • Building a digital therapeutic (Evidence-based, FDA regulated, prescription) incorporating this cutting-edge research
  • Current product and future pipeline
Case Study Games for the Tx of ADHD
Eddie Martucci, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder, AKILI INTERACTIVE
Case Study Lessons Learned in Creating Even More Improved Patient Engagement and Uptake of Therapy
  • Strategic vision and mission
  • Patient engagement strategies and initiatives — what is the value proposition for patients?
  • Examples of strategic partnerships with pharma
  • Technology/product/service overview (including science/clinical data)
  • Details on Noom live/in-app coaching and support/community groups
  • Evaluating the value for life sciences partners: why partnering with pharma creates a “win” for all stakeholders
Christopher S. Lento, Head of Healthcare Strategic Partnerships, NOOM, INC.
Chairperson’s Notes and Forum Day Roundup Evaluation of Lessons Learned
Shwen Gwee, General Manager, Head of Open Innovation and Co-Founder Novartis Biome, NOVARTIS
Close of Conference

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