Gaetan Akinrolabu

Associate Director Paid Media and Social Media Strategy, Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations - BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

Elena Alikhachkina

Worldwide Head Data and Analytics Product Line, Consumer and CMD - JOHNSON & JOHNSON

Haider Alleg

Global Head of Digital Excellence - FERRING PHARMACEUTICALS

Bob Allen

Lead, Digital Operations Global Public Affairs - BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

Ryan Alovis


Brandi Ascione

Principal, Digital Marketing Capability Practice Co-Lead - EVOLUTION ROAD

Jennifer Avallone

Associate Director, Multichannel Marketing Partner - TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS

Kyle Avery

Business Solutions - SNAP, INC.

Ron Barry

Vice President, Business Development and Founder - MELTMEDIA

Erin Bennett

Senior Vice President, Client Strategy - APTUS HEALTH

Jason Bernstein

Director of Medical Communications Strategy - ATHENAHEALTH

Coleman Bigelow

Senior Brand Partner - Consumer Health - GOOGLE

Kai Bode

Director Digital and Analytics Technologies - MERCK

Andy Bond

EVP, Multichannel Strategy - PIXACORE

Prodeep Bose

Executive Vice President, Growth and Innovation - THE BLOC

Alisha Bridges

Advocate - and

Larry Brooks

Principal, Digital Health Practice Leader - EVOLUTION ROAD

Angelo Campano

Vice President, Point of Care Marketin - OGILVY

Brian Cantwell

Senior Director, US Multichannel Excellence - Biogen

John Cheniara

Senior Director, Global Drug Safety and Risk Management Information Technology Business Partner Head - CELGENE

Jake Coniglio

Head of Manufacturing Solutions - GOODRX

Dale Cooke


Pete Dannenfelser

Associate Vice President Communications and Digital Innovation - FERRING PHARMACEUTICALS

Melinda Decker

Former Head of Oncology and Immuno-Oncology, Digital Therapeutics and Digital Health - FORMERLY ASTRAZENECA

Michael Deichmiller


Serge Del Grosso

Senior Vice President, Media Services - MERKLE

Jim DeLash

Multichannel Marketing Director - GLAXOSMITHKLINE

Caroline DeMarco

Vice President, Selling and Marketing Excellence, Commercial Capabilities Payer and Board Member - GLAXOSMITHKLINE

Adam Derengowski

Senior Vice President - DMD

Erin DeRuggiero

President, Chief Commercial Officer - TI HEALTH

Susan Dorfman

President - CMI/COMPAS

Emily Downward

Consumer Strategy & Storytelling - HEALTH UNION, LLC

Zoe Dunn


Ingrid Eberly

Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Events - HEALTHLINE MEDIA

Denise Esakoff

Senior Vice President, Research and Analytics - SHARECARE

Yuchen Feng

Head of Healthcare - LIVERAMP

JJ Ferrer

Director, Strategic Marketing Lead Oncology - BAYER

Lisa Flaiz

Director, Multichannel Marketing, Worldwide Digital Hub Lead - BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

Lesley Folensbee

Associate Director, Multichannel Campaign Strategy and Operations - BIOGEN

Justin Freid

Senior Vice President, Search Engine Marketing and Emerging Media - CMI/COMPAS

Lisa French

Associate Vice President, U.S. Strategy and Commercial Model Innovation - MERCK

Greg Fry

Patient and Consumer Marketing Analytics - ZS ASSOCIATES

Dan Gandor

Director, U.S. Customer Experience, Oncology and Virology - ABBVIE

Sloan Gaon


Sam Glassenberg

Founder and CEO - LEVEL EX

Joetta Gobell, Ph.D.

Vice President, Research and Insights - VERYWELL

Lana Goldshteyn

Director, Insights and Analytics - ASTELLAS

Kate Greengove

Senior Director, Content Strategy and Operations - GLAXOSMITHKLINE

Dr. Harry Greenspun

Partner and Chief Medical Officer - GUIDEHOUSE

Justin Grossman


Shwen Gwee

General Manager, Head of Open Innovation and Co-Founder Novartis Biome - NOVARTIS

Andrew Hachadorian

Manager, Digital Marketing/Media - CUTANEA LIFE SCIENCES

Melissa Halkyard

Vice President, Product Development and Marketing - PRECISION XTRACT

Mallory Halva

Client Partnerships, Pharmaceutical Lead - XANDR

Jim Harper

Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer - SONDE HEALTH

Brian Harris


Kristen Hartman

Vice President, Client Services - WEGO HEALTH

Edith Hodkinson

Chief of Digital Strategy - DMD

Aleen Hosdaghian

Senior Director of Marketing - SUN PHARMA

Tim Howland

Associate Director, Head, Digital Communications - BIOGEN

Nick Illobre

Vice President of Product Strategy - CROSSIX

Michael Joachim

Senior Vice President of Commercial Development - SERMO

Harold Johns

Global Director Digital Platforms, Digital and Connected Commerce Product Line - JANSSEN PHARMACEUTICALS

Lexi Kaplin

Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer - CONVERSATION HEALTH

Hans Kaspersetz

President and Chief Strategist - ARTERIC

Neil Keene

Digital Brand Consultant, Ocaliva - INTERCEPT PHARMACEUTICALS

Ajay Khanna

Vice President of Marketing - RELTIO

Morris Kimble

Associate Brand Manager, Insulins Digital and Print Strategy - ELI LILLY

Tom Kottler


Steven Krumholz

Associate Director, Multichannel Insights and Analytics - BIOGEN

Nitin Kumar

Associate Director, Commercial IT - OTSUKA PHARMACEUTICALS

Dawn Lacallade

Chief of Social Strategy, VP Healthcare Practice - LIVEWORLD

Dr. Joshua Landy

Chief Medical Officer - FIGURE 1

Matt Lasmanis

Vice President of Technology and CIO - GLAXOSMITHKLINE

Lauren Lawhon

Chief Operating Officer - HEALTH UNION, LLC

Christopher S. Lento

Head of Healthcare Strategic Partnerships - NOOM, INC.

Shannon Lia-Onay

Senior Marketing Manager - Eucrisa PFIZER, INC.

John Lineen

Director, Strategic Planning, Media and Innovation Worldwide Digital Hub - BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

Jennifer Loga

Senior Director of Media, Strategy, and Analytics - HEALTHLINE MEDIA

Dave Mahagnoul

Director, Commercial Reporting — Respiratory U.S. Pharma Commercial Insights - GLAXOSMITHKLINE

Lou Marcinczyk

Head, Multichannel Capabilities - BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

Mike Marett

Founder - CONFIDEO

Eddie Martucci, Ph.D.


Craig McGettigan

Head, Multichannel Engagement, U.S. Business Operations and Support - SANOFI

Matt McNally


Mark Miller

Managing Director Health Care - DELOITTE CONSULTING LLP

Mark Montgomery

Global Head, Digital Analytics and Business Insights - GLAXOSMITHKLINE

Nikki Muntz

Executive Vice President, Business Development - PUBLICIS HEALTH

Paul Murasko

Senior Director, Digital Customer Interaction - IPSEN BIOPHARMACEUTICALS

Tim Natal

Omnichannel Marketing - IQVIA

Chris Neuner

Chief Revenue Officer - PULSEPOINT

Cynthia North

Oncology Consumer Marketing Lead - BAYER

Robin Palley

Senior Vice President and Practice Lead, Strategic Business Consulting - EPSILON

Chris Paquette

Co-Fouder and CEO - DEEPINTENT

Miriam Paramore

President - OPTIMIZERX

Eric Peacock


János Pénzes

International eMarketing Manager,
 Digital Center Of Excellence Lead - GEDEON RECHTER

Jeff Persinger


Jessica Pfennig

Global Compliance Business Partner - ASTRAZENECA

Norm Phillips

Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer - BIOPHARM COMMUNICATIONS

Amanda Phraner

Associate Director, Public Relations and Social Media - HORIZON PHARMA

Amit Phull, M.D.

Vice President of Strategy and Insights - DOXIMITY

Keith Pieper


Dr. Jack Pinney


Jane Portman

Vice President, Analytics - MERKLE

Bharti Rai

Vice President, Commercial Effectiveness - NOVARTIS

Steve Reeves

Senior Director, Consumer Insights and Social Intelligence - DRG - DIGITAL

Alison Reichert

Director, Digital Strategy and Innovation - PFIZER, INC

David Reim

Chief Privacy Officer - DMD

Bill Reinstein


Andrew Rosen

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Sales - NATIVO

Mimi Rosenheim

Senior Director, Digital Marketing - DEMANDBASE

Ray Rosti

Chief Digital Officer - PUBLICIS HEALTH MEDIA

Michael Rowbotham

Multichannel Marketing Director - PFIZER, INC.

Igor Rudychev

Head of U.S. Digital, Data, and Innovations - ASTRAZENECA

Linda Ruschau

Chief Client Officer - PATIENTPOINT

Michael Ruta

Digital Capabilities Lead - AMAG PHARMACEUTICALS

Alan Rutledge


Melissa Saw

Global Head, Digital Partnerships - BAYER

Dan Seewald


Lina Shields

Chief Media Officer, Lilly USA - ELI LILLY AND COMPANY

Steve Silvestro

Chief Commercial Officer - OPTIMIZERX

Matt Smith

Global Lead, Strategy, Digital and Operations - PFIZER, INC.

Saskia Steinacker

Vice President and Global Lead Digital Transformation - BAYER

Rob Stephen

Vice President, Marketing - VERYWELL

Ezra Suveyke

Chief Technology Officer - PULSEPOINT

Dan Tassone

Vice President, Product Strategy and Integration - HEALTH MONITOR NETWORK

Carl Thomas

Director, Data Governance, Business Information Risk Management and Security - MERCK

Britt Thompson

Executive Vice President, Commercial Strategy - EVOKE GROUP

Jennifer K. Travers

Head, Digital Review Team - PFIZER, INC.

Stacy Trent

Director, Worldwide Multichannel Capabilities, Campaign Management - BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB

Amy Turnquist

Executive Vice President, Sales - EHEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS

Wesley Van Den Heuvel

Director, Non-Personal Promotion - NOVO NORDISK

Alex Waldron

Chief Strategy Officer - PEAR THERAPEUTICS

Elise Whitaker

Vice President, Client Engagement - CONVERSATION HEALTH

Shirley Whitfield

Senior Director, Global Digital MLR Transformation - ASTRAZENECA

Alison Woo

Director and Social Media Lead for U.S. Pharma - NOVARTIS

Jamie Yates

Master Data Management Leader - AstraZeneca

Tracy Yedlin

Social, Mobile, Innovation Team Lead, Customer Engagement and Marketing Innovation Team - TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS

Ben Zanghi

Digital Experience Lead and Product Owner, U.S. Multichannel Excellence - BIOGEN

Nafeez Zawahir, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer - RAZORFISH HEALTH